Saturday , April 29 2017

After Ice Cream Sandwich comes Android Jelly Bean

The ever-amazing folk over at This is my next have reported, via a source that’s trusty for this kind of stuff, that the next iteration of Android after Ice Cream Sandwich will be Jelly Bean.

They also noted that ‘game-changing features’ of Android that were meant to be in Ice Cream Sandwich have been pushed back to Jelly Bean which will launch — if the release stays the same — late next year.

But who cares about the future? Most people want the Nexus Prime now! Don’t you?

[Image: BeanSoft]  
Source: This is my next.

Buzz Moody  

  • Level380

    Well jelly bean wasn’t a hard guess for them. Was it? Its been the rumoured name now for a while.

    Also features that never make the current release are always pushed to the next. This is my next website must have spent all night coming up with these facts. Not! Nothing new here sadly.

  • My Nexus S is doing a Good Job now. What Killer Feature will “Ice Cream Sandwich” do for my Device? 

  • MrSimtang

    “Update: We’re hearing from another well-regarded source that Jelly Bean is in the running for the name, but that the choice hasn’t yet been finalized by Google; for what it’s worth, the pickings are fairly slim for desserts with “J” names, so Jelly Bean seems like a solid choice. The source goes on to say that there are some fairly major architectural, functional, and design changes in Ice Cream Sandwich, so by all appearances, this is still going to be a big-time release. Of course, that doesn’t mean Jelly Bean (or whatever Google ultimately calls it) won’t have a big outing in its own right, but the indication is that ICS won’t just be a warmed-over Gingerbread or Honeycomb.”

    WHEW. I’ve been hanging out for this ICS update for so long. Was really looking forward to it having the new interface and everything

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