Update: The images are 800×450, which scales up perfectly to 1280×720. Just lettin’ ya know..

If a video of the Nexus Prime hasn’t got you excited enough, screenshots from the device in question have begun to appear online. They confirm the version of Ice Cream Sandwich to be Android 4.0 and that the Nexus Prime is indeed codenamed ‘Tuna’ like the video owner said. The overall UI is pretty much a smaller version of Honeycomb, which I’m fairly excited about — I may even go back to stock Android from my current TouchWiz ROM on the Galaxy S II. Screenshots below for your viewing pleasure.

[nggallery id=91]

Source: Mobilissimo.
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Looks great. I hope it comes to the SE Xperia Arc.

Justin Harvey

at the end of the vid when he goes into the camera app there is no back or home button. how do you get out?


I like how they came up with an alternative to “end of scroll bounce”.  That screen peel-up.

One thing ICS has to do is wipe out all the niggling Patent issues.

Geoff Fieldew

D’oh, they just nuked the launch on 11/10. Sad Panda 🙁


looking very very good. soon it will be so complex that no one will know what to do with it

Victor Hardy

Hope they can run this on the HTC Sensation seeing as I’m getting that soon 🙂

T Saddington

It will but the home, menu, back and search keys will be useless as the while phone is controled by toucch

Geoff Fieldew

Whoa, bye bye menu button!

Buzz Moody

I’m sure it’ll be there in some form or another.

Jake Oliver

Could pop up in context sensitive situations. I guess that’s one of the advantages of softkeys, you can add an extra button!

Hany Khoury

Excitement level for Ice Cream Sandwich went from mild to extreme.

That looks so good!!


Well this just looks fantastic.

So much better than that old Nexus S leaked video. If this is stock, I don’t think I’d run any launcher over it. Looks awesome.