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Viber — the free messaging application I wrote a review of a week ago — have plans to add to their platform base by adding both a Windows and MacOS programs to their collection. This addition will mean that you can message your friends and family for free, not only from your phone, but your PC and/or Mac too.

I enquired with the developers of Viber as to their intent on a desktop environment for their app and got a very prompt response:

Thanks for contacting us,

We also want to release the new version of Viber for PC/MAC Desktop as soon as possible – just like you! We are presently working on it. However we don’t have an exact release date for you as of yet.

Stay tuned for release updates, visit us on Facebook and Twitter:

Perhaps this will make Viber a viable option over the battery chewing skype for cross-platform messaging not only in the smartphone market, but also pc/mac to phone and vice versa in the not too distant future? Let’s hope so.