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We’ve just received an invite to a Motorola / Optus launch event that will take place on October 27th. The invite image itself didn’t give us much to go with in terms of what would be announced, however, an attached video did give us a hand. The imagery in the video shows signs of lining up with some of the specs This is my next listed in their exclusive on a device called the Motorola Spyder — it’s set to be called the Droid RAZR in the US of A.

  • The video shows a bullet-proof vest, commonly made out of Kevlar, the Spyder is also set to have a Kevlar casing
  • A Razor Blade is shown in the video, which obviously relates directly to the name “Droid RAZR”

I’d hate to see the “Droid” name being used in Australia as it can confuse consumers between “Droid phones” and “Android phones” (it’s also owned by George Lucas), however, I do believe this device may have the RAZR name thrown in there somewhere. RAZR HD perhaps? The Spyder has a 1.2GHz Dual-Core CPU, 4.3-inch qHD display, LTE (maybe?), 8MP Camera that shoots 1080p, a “HD” front-facing camera. Much like the Atrix, the Spyder will be able to dock with Motorola’s accessories such as the Lapdock laptop-thing.

The fact there’s no other carriers shown on the invite besides Optus makes us think that this will be an exclusive; from the look of those specs, quite a nice exclusive as well. We’ll let you know if anymore details come to hand.

Companies: Motorola, and Optus