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Before we get to the Google event later today, Motorola held their “Big Innovation” event at All Things D in Hong Kong. At this event Sanjay Jha the CEO of Motorola Mobility, introduced the Motorola Razr Smartphone.

Update: Word came in from the Android Community site after I posted this that the Razr does indeed have a locked Bootloader and also that the battery is not removable.The non-removable battery is most likely a trade off to get that insanely thin form factor, the locked bootloader however well I guess we`ll have to get Irwin and the UnlockMoto campaign onto them to see if this can be remedied.

To start with the Razr is thin, razor thin, they’re calling it “the world’s thinnest smartphone”. Not only is it thin, but it`s strong, the Razr has a Woven Kevlar fibre back, laminated construction with a stainless steel core “to withstand the back pocket test”. It also comes with Gorillla Glass on the screen and Motorola Splash Guard nanotechnology coating to protect against spills and splashes. It appears that this phone is going to continue the rugged style of phone we saw Motorola launch with the Defy but going for a much thinner, sleeker look.
Specs :

  • 1.2GHz Dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4.3″ Super AMOLED qHD screen
  • 16GB of onboard storage with MicroSD card
  • 8Mp Rear Camera capable of taking 1080p HD video
  • 1,800mAh battery
  • 7.1mm thick but with a bump at one end to house the camera
  • HDMI Out
  • LTE radio

The Razr comes with Webtop application which gives access to full Firefox web browser when plugged into one of the lapdocks of which there is two the Lapdock 100 and the Lapdock 500 Pro. It appears that Motorola have gone all out on accessories for the Razr, offering car docks, HD docks for Tv, Bluetooth headsets & keyboards, one of which has a slide out trackpad.

The Razr will support “Smart Actions” which will offer up to 30% better battery life by controlling different actions on your phone, such as turning off GPS or Bluetooth when you arrive home or turning down screen brightness when it detects your battery getting low.

Motorola also introduced MotoCast which is a personal “cloud” system which wirelessly shares your Video, photos, documents and music from your phone or tablet to your PC and vice versa. Basically offering a backup of your data to all your devices if you want.

Motorola are also aiming at the corporate end of the market offering features such as remote wipe and data encryption. They`ve also pre-loaded it with Quick Office to allow editing of MS Office Documents. There is also the Citrix Receiver app for remotely accessing your desktop and they`ve also included GoToMeeting to use with the HD Webcam. They also promised compatability with Corporate eMail, Calendars and Addresses.

Sanjay advised that this phone would be known as Droid Razr in the USA and as the Motorola Razr in the rest of the world, he then finished off by advising this phone would be out around the world sometime in November, hopefully we`ll find out more about this phone, at the Optus/Motorola Event that is occuring on October 27th.

Source: Motorola Webcast, and Android Community.
Companies: Motorola