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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is all the rage at the moment, so it’s only right for us to give you all the information you need for where you can preorder/purchase the magical, revolution, this changes everything again awesome device. We’ve included major online retailers from the UK as well as trusted retailers from here in Australia. You could always try eBay, but we don’t trust it as much as these retailers.

  MobiCity Kogan Expansys Handtec Clove
Country Australia Australia United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom
Cost $799 $799 N/A —
Preorder queue
$655.25* $661.45*
Postage $17.95 $19 $61.70* $41.50* $44.70*
Total Cost $816.95 $818 N/A + $61.70* $696.75* $706.15*
Warranty 24 Months 12 Months 12 Months (send back to UK) 12 Months (send back to UK) 12 Months (send back to UK)
*: Currency conversion was at UK£ 1 = 1.54176 Australian dollars as at 24 October 2011.

As usual it’s cheaper to import the device from the UK, however, you do risk having to send your device all the way back to the UK if something happens to your Galaxy Nexus during the 12 month warranty period. If you buy it in Australia you’re treated to a full 2 years warranty from MobiCity where your device is sent to one of their repairers here in Australia, or you can pay a bit less and have a single years warranty from Kogan — though I have seen a few complaints about them in the comments. With imports out of the way, you can always wait around and get the Galaxy Nexus from one of the carriers here in Australia whom are planning on stocking it. We’ve heard from our sources that Optus are wanting to stock the device ASAP and Vodafone are staying suspiciously mumon the matter.Let us know where you’re getting yours in the comments below. I believe most of our team are going with Handtec.

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