Sunday , April 30 2017

Samsung Galaxy Nexus — Where To Buy

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is all the rage at the moment, so it’s only right for us to give you all the information you need for where you can preorder/purchase the magical, revolution, this changes everything again awesome device. We’ve included major online retailers from the UK as well as trusted retailers from here in Australia. You could always try eBay, but we don’t trust it as much as these retailers.

  MobiCity Kogan Expansys Handtec Clove
Country Australia Australia United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom
Cost $799 $799 N/A —
Preorder queue
$655.25* $661.45*
Postage $17.95 $19 $61.70* $41.50* $44.70*
Total Cost $816.95 $818 N/A + $61.70* $696.75* $706.15*
Warranty 24 Months 12 Months 12 Months (send back to UK) 12 Months (send back to UK) 12 Months (send back to UK)
*: Currency conversion was at UK£ 1 = 1.54176 Australian dollars as at 24 October 2011.

As usual it’s cheaper to import the device from the UK, however, you do risk having to send your device all the way back to the UK if something happens to your Galaxy Nexus during the 12 month warranty period. If you buy it in Australia you’re treated to a full 2 years warranty from MobiCity where your device is sent to one of their repairers here in Australia, or you can pay a bit less and have a single years warranty from Kogan — though I have seen a few complaints about them in the comments. With imports out of the way, you can always wait around and get the Galaxy Nexus from one of the carriers here in Australia whom are planning on stocking it. We’ve heard from our sources that Optus are wanting to stock the device ASAP and Vodafone are staying suspiciously mumon the matter.Let us know where you’re getting yours in the comments below. I believe most of our team are going with Handtec.


Buzz Moody  

  • Matt Booth

    I’ve already pre ordered mine from Handtec, only $685 with stock expected 7 November.

    • Hmmm.. Different exchange rate I guess?

      • Matt Booth

        Possibly. Postage cost also varied for DHL and Fedex. Some people may have to pay international exchange fees which will add to the cost. I highly recommend the 28 degrees credit card for fee free foreign currency purchases.

        • I recommend tax fraud and swiss bank accounts.

          So you’re doing the Ausdroid Galaxy Nexus review?

        • Matt, most “fee free” foreign exchange I’ve seen isn’t really free, the lack of commissions is made up by increasing the “spread”.

          The spread is the difference between the exchange rate you sell (the ‘bid’ price) vs the exchange rate you get when you buy (the ‘ask’ price).

          e.g., if for example you buy a phone for $700 AUD and you convert that into GBP (pounds)

          If the true exchange rate is 0.64 but they sell the pounds to you at 0.60, then it has cost you the difference you would have made had you bought at 0.64 versus 0.60 – that is:

          For 700 dollars @  0.64 pence per dollar = 448 pounds could have been purchased
          For 700 dollars @  0.60 pence per dollar = 420 pounds could have been purchased

          In this [extreme] example, it has cost you 28 pounds or about $46 Australian for your currency conversion.

          Generally standard ‘Big 4 Banks’ credit cards offer the best spread/fees combination so that is what I use.

        • Matt Booth

          Orly DzeRNumbrd?? Let’s see how much it costs you with your ‘big 4’ credit card, and we’ll see who has paid more… and that’s without factoring in your annual/monthly fees. If 28 Degrees wasn’t the cheapest way to do it then I wouldnt use it.

        • No need to get defensive Matt, I was just explaining how those cards are not actually commission free, it is entirely possible you will still be better off with that card but I haven’t done the maths, sounds like you have though.

          I would be interested to see your math calculations on 28 degrees versus a normal credit card… care to share them?  or are you just guessing?

    • Level380

      but its only 16GB!? 🙁

      • Matt Booth

        I’m coming from 48gb but what choice is there? If 32gb comes out later I will get it, but I don’t think we will see it anytime soon. Remember the sgsII 32gb model? That never materialised..

    • I went with Mobicity some on needs to support the sponsors. Though no free car charger with this phone what gives i got one with my atrix and SGS2 🙂

  • Daniel Tyson

    I’ve ordered from Handtec as well.

  • if I hadn’t just bought a Sensation, I’d be getting the Galaxy Nexus (terrible name – Nexus Prime sounds way better!) from Handtec. My last three phones have been from them, and I’ve never not had a great experience.

    • …but I probably wouldn’t. I hate capacitive buttons as it is, let alone onscreen ones!

  • Alex Rothwell

    I’ll be looking at getting mine through Handtec, possibly the 32GB model when they get a price for it

    • At the moment the 32GB has only been confirmed for Verizon in the US of A. 

      So you might be holding out for a while before it’s announced in Asian areas as they might have the 32GB variant.

      • Alex Rothwell

        I can be patient, after all I’m still waiting to upgrade from my HTC Dream 😉

        • You still have a HTC Dream?! Oh Nostalgia.

        • Level380

          I have a dream as well…. But not used, its in the cupboard gathering dust……

  • Dan Goodes

    Waiting patiently for news on Telstra pricing and availability….

    • Interesting. What if Telstra don’t get it? Just wait out for something else or import it?

      • ahqball

        Ditto! Telstra will be waiting a while me thinks… Optus/Voda are the first two carriers to get it no?
        If its compatible with Voda’s new 850 network, it should be sweet on Next G

        • MikeW

          Would Vodafone galaxy nexus work with Telstra’s LTE?

        • Matt Booth

          It looks like there will be 2 models – CDMA/LTE for Verizon in the US (useless here) and GSM/HSPA for the rest of the world.

        • @MikeW no, but Optus LTE would work with Telstra LTE, both are on 1800MHz

    • Level380

      telstra has never had a nexus device….. why do you think they will this time?

  • Christopher Salmon

    I took a day or two to think about it, kept an eye on the Whirlpool forums to see what the options were, then went with Handtec.

    I’m really not too worried about waiting for a 32GB version – I use half of my 8GB SD card on my Desire HD, and half of the 1.5GB internal storage.  Looking forward to mid-November!

  • Christopher Salmon

    I can’t remember which onseller it was (either Clove or Handtec) but one of them stated that the 32GB version wasn’t even going to be available in the UK.

    • Yeah, the 32GB hasn’t even been confirmed for anyone but Verizon’s version in the US of A.

      • Level380

        another show stopping feature it seems……. 32gb is a must!

  • 16GB version is going to be very limiting for people who like to take highest possible reso pictures and 1080p videos as there’s only about 11gb free for user storage.

  • will probably order mine mid November/December from Handtec! first gotta sell off my Atrix to a lucky buyer 😛 Thank god you guys posted this article! I was going to buy a galaxy S II from Kogan due to my limit being $700 😛

  • Nice post Buzz, although it gets me wondering, who’s going to jump on this boat? Apart from ICS, NFC (useless in Oz for now) and a slightly bigger screen why wouldn’t you just buy the SGS2?

    • higher density screen, too! Also being a Nexus device ensures that it gets OS upgrades faster than if it were a Touchwiz, Sense or Blur build..

      • Padoo

        Cynogen will have ICS sorted, so i’m also voting for sgs 2.

        • JeniSkunk

          Without a microSD slot, how would you be able to put Cyanogen, or any other ROM for that matter, onto it?

        • JeniSkunk

          edit: was talking about the SGNexus and no microSD, not the SGS2.

        • @c24ca47b3771e5082bd0b3f13f2ad410:disqus You’d use the internal storage.

        • @JeniSkunk:disqus internal storage on ‘stock’ Android is always mounted at /sdcard/ so you’d just transfer across with the phone in Mass Storage mode. I imagine it’ll be like the Nexus S in that regard.

    • Matt Booth

      If you already had the sgsII I can see why you may not upgrade, but if you had the choice between the two you’d pick the Nexus every time! Quicker updates, far superior screen, original and unique design, quick shot camera

      • Padoo

        I believe there is no micro sd card in the Nexus. This is important for me as i hold all my music on the card. 32gb may suffice on the Nexus but i prefer an sd card

    • I think Matt’s comment below is true. I own the Galaxy S II and see no real reason to upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus. 

      However if you’re choosing between the two and you don’t mind paying more for the Galaxy Nexus you’d definitely go for it, otherwise stick with the Galaxy S II

  • Martin Leonard

    As always you keep those of us in Aus in the loop.  Thanks all at Ausdroi

    Thought I had read or heard somewhere that Voda ad the worldwide first dibs on this so would assume it will come to them.  However I have no interest in a Voda Nexus.  I am probably unique but the 4.65″ is a bit on the large size.  Still loving my Nexus One & not sure I want one too much bigger.  But ICS is a big draw.

    • Anonymous

      You’re not alone. I have tiny hands so a 3.7″ screen phones are about all I can comfortably handle. My next phone will probably be 4″ though so I will have to get used to the size… I won’t go any bigger than 4 at this stage.

      • Vasboz

        I got a dell Streak early on and 5 inches is big, but now all decent high end phone’s are on average 4.3 inches. I’m using a Motorola Atrix now which I think is great at 4″, but I’m tempted to go back to my streak even though it has half the ram and half the processing power being only a 1GHz chip, but with Launcher Pro it was a supersmooth experience eitherway. I think in a nutshell casual usage and primarily as a phone 3.5-4inch is OK, but any other type of usage and a 4.3″ and beyond is where they really become useful. Biggest pain point I see with the iPhone.  3.5″ still???

  • Glenn

    I was hoping to buy one, but for the price I’m definitely sticking with my Desire. I just can’t justify that much money when I’m considering building a desktop right now as well. When I bought my Desire outright, the $750 didn’t even phase me for some reason, but now I just can’t see the value of ~$700 for a phone.

    What’s the expectation of an outright price here if Kogan and Mobicity are hovering around $800? It’s crazy!

    • When you’re an Australian company you have to factor in the Australia Tax. The formula is

      cost_price * (consumer_gullibility / made_up_expenses) 

      • How many people do u think willingly forked over a solid grand for a 64gig iphone a week ago $800 is not unreasonable for the cutting edge alternative. (I personally say better alternative)

  • M0rb3n

    I am keen for the Galaxy Nexus however I want to know when Sammy is going to release the “Samsung Galaxy S II HD”  in Australia. In my book this could be a contender….

  • Mobicity looks like the way to go

    But my SGS2 just arrived…
    Might just CM7.1 it 😛

  • Jason

    Mobicity down to $799, with 24 months warranty not so bad deal.

  • Tim

    MobiCity now as it at $799, doesn’t seem to be extra for 24month warranty

  • strand0410

    With this phone, I would be willing to give up either 32GB or microSD slot, but not both. 16GB is cutting it awfully close and with that gorgeous screen, you really want to shove video on it. If this 16GB variant is the only one that becomes available, I’ll probably just wait until the comparable Galaxy S III or something.

  • sgbest may be an option other than the US of A, UK and aus provider

  • I believe that at the moment Handtec is selling it in total for $675.4056 Aus dollars. 

    Because we outside the EU we don’t have to pay VAT and delivery will take 3-4 days. This is just for those who couldn’t be bothered doing a little bit more research.
    (referred to: 1 GBP = 1.56310 AUD)

  • MobiCity $817, or $718 from Handtec. Don’t think the different warranty that will likely never be used is really worth $100. 

  • OMG, $799?  Even at the iPhone introduction over 4 years ago it was ‘just’ $600 USD.  What decade is Samsung trying to live in?

  • Jwp118

    Can’t give up both a card slot and be expected to settle for 16GB
    My 3.5 year old iPhone is the same and is FULL. Music + HD Video + 5MP = Frustration
    Hurry up with the 32GB before I buy another Apple

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