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I don’t know if Motorola and Optus were planning to keep the launch of the Motorola RAZR here a surprise, but they aren’t doing a very good job. Then again, the device has already been announced over in the US of A, so once again, the secret’s out. This time the Motorola RAZR has popped up on Motorola Australia’s official website which tells people bluntly to purchase the RAZR from Optus, so that confirms the exclusivity.

The website doesn’t mention much else except for how awesome RAZR is meant to be and how it can be used with the overpriced / useless Lapdock 100. I’ll be reviewing the Motorola RAZR once I can get my hands on one, just to see if Motorola can let everyone down as much as they did with the Atrix.

Source: Motorola Australia - RAZR.
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Companies: Motorola, and Optus