Despite the confusion of Motorola’s unlockable bootloader on the RAZR over in the US, Motorola Australia have come straight out on the Facebook Page and said that the Motorola RAZR that will be launching in Australia on Optus, around November, will indeed have an unlockable bootloader. *cheers*.

So props to Optus for allowing Motorola to leave the RAZR’s bootloader unlockable — as it’s carrier specific — and props to Motorola for having unlockable bootloaders in general.

Source(s): Motorola Australia
  • Level380

    But is it legal for the US ones to be locked…. that is the question

    • Buzz Moody

      That’s their problem :P

      • Lobie81

        Well it is and it isn’t. Surely the locked bootloaders in the US will limit the amount/quality of custom ROMs that will become available for this phone, and that affects us.

      • Mike Tran

        Just tell your friends to import one from either AU or another place. But really you guys actually like Motoblur??