Wednesday , April 26 2017

Telechoice to sell the Motorola RAZR outright for $649

Update: Telechoice are not selling the Verizon branded RAZR like we first thought, instead they just listed the wrong specs of the device along with the incorrect image of the Verizon branded device. It will instead just be the Optus variant. The price is still awesome though.

If you’re looking to buy the Motorola RAZR sans contract it looks as though you’re in luck. Telechoice, an Optus premium retailer, are offering the RAZR outright for $649 unlocked. It’s unclear whether this will be the same device sold at Optus as Telechoice have the Verizon branded RAZR as the image as well as CDMA listed in the specifications It is the Optus branded variant of the RAZR. Either way, it will still work on all Australian networks.

Source: Telechoice.

Buzz Moody  

  • Matt Booth

    Outstanding value! A lot of people deciding between the Nexus and the RAZR will go with the RAZR at this price. As Buzz said in his review, make sure you are comfortable with the size before purchasing, as it is very wide 

  • Ocujos

    This **IS** the Verizon model. Full name is Motorola DROID RAZR XT912
    It’s got LTE 700MHz support which Optus is very likely to use in Australia. Check out the specs
    Full specs at gsmarena:
    Together with Huawei, Optus has recently completed a trial of 700MHz LTE around Bendigo.

    • Matt Booth

      Great that it has LTE as an added bonus, but being the Verizon version I wonder if the bootloader can be unlocked..

      • yeah- Verizon have decided to lock their bootloaders.. for some unknown reason, considering they are getting the Galaxy Nexus…

  • Matt Booth

    Not to worry, Telechoice have since updated their page to reflect the correct non-Verizon model of the RAZR. They will be selling the same model as Optus. No LTE. Not that it mattered since it couldnt be used her for ages anyway

  • ibe6ube9

    cant be sold outright 🙁

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