Thursday , April 27 2017

Motorola RAZR now available from Optus stores starting today

For those of you who have been hanging out to get your hands on the Motorola RAZR to ‘try before you buy’, that time has come! Optus now have the RAZR in stores for you to play with and purchase if so desire. If you haven’t yet read our review of the RAZR we highly recommend you do before you jump in. Here’s the plans you can get the RAZR on:

  $19 $29 $49 $59 $79
Repayments $17 $14 $7 $0 $0
Cost /mo $36/mo $43/mo $56/mo $59/mo $79/mo
Credit $70 $180 $550 $750 $900
Data 100MB 200MB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB

Accessories that come with the Motorola RAZR for free on Optus’ $79 cap:

  • HD Multimedia Dock
  • 18W Power Supply
  • HDMI Cable
  • Motorola Android BT Keyboard
  • Motorola BT Mouse
  • Active Car Cradle and Mount
  • 3.5mm Cable
  • Car Charger

Source: Optus - Motorola RAZR.

Buzz Moody  

  • already on sale? thats wierd Verizon gets it in a week from now

    • Yep, we’re one of the first countries in the world 🙂

  • Ahh this makes me nervous… I’m on Optus and REALLY want the Galaxy Nexus, and up until now Optus had no real ‘Android Hero’ phone on offer, and now that they have this, the chances of them carrying the Galaxy Nexus is even slimmer… Noo!!

  • Wambo

    Buzz in your talkings with motorola optus etc any mention of the keyboard verions of the razor (or droid 4)?  I notice you guys haven’t covered any or the rumours here, but given it would be the first high qwerty thought it would have gained more attention?

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