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We recently saw the announcement of Google Books in the U.K. and it was noted that Australia would receive it shortly. It looks like we didn’t have to wait too long in the end.

Google Australia has now put up an official blog post announcing the launch of their new book store called Google eBooks.

Excerpt from Official Google Australia Blog

We’ve got hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, including plenty of bestsellers, and millions of free eBooks on top of that. It’s easy to find great Australian authors like Kate Grenville, Thomas Keneally, Geraldine Brooks and Christos Tsiolkas.

How to get Google eBooks on your Android Device…

    1. Go to your Android phone and download Google Books from the Market
    2. Accept Terms & Conditions
    3. Go back into the Market app (You may just sit on a black screen, don’t panic)
    4. Search for a book title
    5. You will now see search results categorised by Apps or Books
    6. Select the book you were after or navigate back to the Books landing page
    7. Now you’re rocking Google Books

Google eBooks allows you to purchase and read from a large collection of digitally published books. The benefit of using Google’s eBook store is the ability to have the books available on your PC, Apple device, Android phone or Android tablet and have it sync up to the cloud with the page you are currently reading. This allows you to read your book while on the train and then to continue reading it at home on a laptop or tablet without losing your page.
Google also has an extensive collection of free and paid books from classics like Alice in Wonderland (Free) to the more recent Steve Jobs biography (AU$9.99).

So do yourself a favour and start downloading some free books or purchase some great titles and build up your digital book collection that will be available at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

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Source: Official Google Australia Blog.