Thursday , May 25 2017

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: We will run Motorola as a separate business

Google’s Chairman and former CEO, Eric Schmidt, has reaffirmed El Goog’s plans for Motorola once their $12.5 billion dollar purchase of Motorola Mobility is approved in the coming months. Whilst in South Korea, Schmidt said that Motorola would receive no special treatment over other vendors and that Google “will run it sufficiently and independently” ensuring that the purchase “will not violate the openness of Android”. That’s reassuring for other manufacturers, though we hope it will also mean quicker updates for Motorola devices and less of this skinning business. It also means we might not being seeing a Motorola Nexus any time soon.

Source: Pocket-Lint.

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Moto has a bad track record of updates. Google needs to start learning on moto (and all other makers) to get the updates out ASAP to phones!

Things like the droid vs milestone updates was a joke. ie milestone not getting them while the droid did!


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