Friday , August 18 2017

HP Touchpad gets Cyanogen Mod Alpha 3

I’ve had continual messages from a number of the Ausdroid community members telling me that there’s an Alpha 3 coming, now it’s here!

Of course, I downloaded and had it installed at the first moment I had spare and it is notably better than Alpha 2 as they’ve fixed multiple performance issues and a few bugs. The general correspondence I’ve had from anyone installing CM7 onto their Touchpad is that its pretty much functional, the major flaw that remained until now was the wi-fi bugs that have plagued the build from the start. Grand scheme it’s not a major issue, it’s still an Alpha build and the team acknowledge that it’s still rough with bugs! But from what I’ve seen so far, they’ve fixed that bug SO… it’s recommended you go through your normal backup procedures for your tablet and get Alpha 3 going.

The process for installing is simple

  1. Go to Rootzwiki
  2. Download the files you need
  3. Follow the instructions that are there (identical to the first and second alpha builds)

For those of you who are waiting, yes they know that Ice Cream Sandwich source is available and the last information that has been available is that the Cyanogen team will release a build sometime early in 2012 for most of the devices they currently have builds for. Hang in there, it’s coming!

Source: Rootzwiki.

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Daniel Tyson
Ausdroid Manager

Installed on my Touchpad last night, fixed a number of issues that I was having : Sleep of Death, Wifi. Picked up the zip from installed through CWM no issues.


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