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If you’re a regular shopper over at Kogan and you’re also a lover of Android (if you’re not, why are you here?) you’ll be happy to know they’ve added the Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Note to their lineup of cheap Android devices. The RAZR is selling for $619 which is the cheapest I could find out of our trusted online retailers and the Galaxy Note is at $649 which is also the cheapest we could find. Kogan are marketing the RAZR as the “Droid RAZR” which is fairly incorrect as it’s the GSM variant, not the one from Verizon.

We’ve reviewed both of these devices, so feel free to check out the RAZR review and the Galaxy Note review. Both are great though aimed at very different parts of the mobile market.

Source: Kogan - RAZR, and Kogan - Galaxy Note.
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