Monday , May 1 2017

Virgin to launch the Galaxy Nexus on the $0 on Fair Go 59 – The wars begin

And so it begins. Today, it seems that Virgin have made the Galaxy Nexus available to customers. Virgin are launching the handset $0 on the Fair Go plan, which entitles the customer to $700 of calls and text and 3GB of data on a 24 month contract. Considering Optus are launching on the $79 Cap, this is a pretty good deal, with still a large enough entiltement of value for a wealth of fun. I can also confirm that the Galaxy Nexus is now in Virgin’s activation system – V-Connect. So now with Virgin and Optus both down, I guess the focus turns to Vodafone and Telstra and the Samsung Event scheduled for the 14th of this month.


Lucas Burnett  

  • Seems silly launching a flagship phone with very limited stock, especially after lengthy delays.

  • pmac

    no doubt telstra will spend months “optimising” the phone before releasing it

  • jivemaster

    All that matters is that I have mine already!! XD

  • Honeysett #23

    Virgin $59 Fair Go gives you unlimited text not $700 of calls and text.

  • borkbork

    2GB, 3GB, 300GB, it makes no difference when the optus network is as oversubscribed as it is currently.  I get quicker speeds out in the sticks with almost no signal than in metro areas with full coverage.  Need more towers and more capacity but I doubt they’ll bother with LTE not far off now.

  • I just got off the phone to the upgrades team – it’s not available yet, and they wouldn’t be drawn on a timeframe for release 🙁

  • Noi

    This phone is not available via Virgin yet. This Friday i heard. 

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