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Here we go, the flood gates have opened. Vodafone has just tweeted that the Galaxy Nexus is now available for pre-order and is launching at $5 on the $59 Cap. The cap offers $750 of Calls and 2GB of data. If you order the device now you’ll receive it before the 16th of December, a fair chunk of time before Christmas. Now that Vodafone have released their pricing and we have Optus’ yet-to-be-confirmed pricing, it’s up to Telstra to announce their plans for the Galaxy Nexus — this may happen at the December 14th event. Optus’ subsidiary, Virgin Mobile, are also expected to launch the Galaxy Nexus for $0 upfront on their Fair Go 59 cap which will be cheaper than Vodafone’s current offer, though not confirmed.

Vodafone also have the Galaxy Nexus on their Infinite Plans but it’s $0 upfront on the $85 plan which is plain stupid. It’s likely that Crazy John’s, a subsidiary of Vodafone, will carry the device for cheaper in the near future, much like they did with the Nexus S. If you want to get your order in, hit up the Vodafone Store.

Source: Vodafone AU.
Companies: Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone
Devices: Galaxy Nexus