Thursday , April 27 2017

Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation free on Vodafone’s $29 Plan

If the Galaxy Nexus is a little bit out of your price range for the time being you can always snag some current generation Android devices for cheap. Vodafone is offering the Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation for $0 upfront on their $29 Plans on a 2 year contract. This equates to $696 over the life of the contract, which just over $100 more than what MobiCity are selling the Galaxy S II and Sensation, and you get to slowly pay it off instead of one massive chunk — a bonus around Christmas time if you’ve spent all your cash on gifts like the kind, caring, loving person you are.

Vodafone’s $29 doesn’t come with much in the way of credit or data; you get $180 for calls & texts and 200MB of data which is enough to check your emails and perhaps stream some music. These offers end on the 23rd for the Galaxy S II and the 20th for the Sensation. Hit up the source link to check it out.

Source: Vodafone.

Buzz Moody  

  • So is it Iphone 3GS (a 2 1/2 year old phone) or an SGS2 its a no fucking brianner if your not a big phone user. Buy it for your mums people

  • Ryan P

    you can buy an extra data pack at the same time at $4 per month for a total of 900mb of data which is definitely enough for average use.

    also may be eligible for 10% off per month for RACV/Q/NRMA membership deals

  • Brianc

    Virgin have jumped on this bandwagon too and you can get the SGS2 on there $29 cap for $1 a month now.

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