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According to TheVerge, AJNews in Korea is reporting that due to ‘strong customer demand’, Samsung will review their decision not to upgrade the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab to Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung advised that they could not fit Android 4.0 with Touchwiz onto the devices due to space limitations and are now advising ‘it’ll investigate ways to try and make it work’, this is not a reversal of the decision but they are at least looking at it.

The Samsung Galaxy S was one of their most successful Android handsets selling over 10 million units and the Galaxy Tab while not reaching those numbers sold Ok, so the decision to leave them out of the upgrade schedule received a lot of public flack. Selling this many devices was great for Samsung but they are now discovering how loud 10 million plus customers can be.

Perhaps it’s time for manufacturers to either start looking at supplying phones with more internal memory anticipating future upgrades such as this or my personal preference, the option to switch off the manufacturer skin. What is your preference, would you prefer to only see a Touchwiz based Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S and Tab or would you accept a vanilla version of Android 4.0 just to have it on your device?

Source: TheVerge, and ajnews.
Companies: Samsung
Devices: Galaxy S, and Galaxy Tab