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HTC has added the Desire HD — along with new models of the Desire and Wildfire — to its list of devices able to have their bootloaders unlocked using HTC’s offical HTCdev ‘Unlock Bootloader’ tool. If you’re unsure of what the bootloader is, you can safely ignore this article. If you do know what it is and you’re ready to get rid of HTC’s limitations, head over to the source link, unlock the bootloader and get flashing.

We’re not able to confirm if the new Desire and Wildfire models added to the list include the ones sold by Telstra, but if it works let us know. Telstra’s official stance on locked bootloaders is that they’re open to users unlocking their device as long as they know their warranty is no longer valid in some circumstances.

Source: HTCdev.
Companies: HTC, Telstra, and Vodafone
Devices: Desire HD