Sunday , April 30 2017

Vodafone might be picking up the Samsung Galaxy Note

Take this all with a massive grain of salt, but we’re hearing that Vodafone might be the carrier of choice for the Samsung Galaxy Note. We’ve been told (with some proof included, but we’ll withhold) that representatives from Vodafone are currently testing/playing around with the Galaxy Note and could launch in the next month or so. That launch date lines up nicely with Samsung’s statement saying they’d launch the Galaxy Note here in early 2012. If we get anything more concrete we’ll let you know, but for now Vodafone seems to be the best bet for the Galaxy Note.


Buzz Moody  

  • ari

    oh no… and none for optus?..

    • ari

      oh well, like the OP said, take it with a massive grain of salt.

  • tom


  • Anonymous

    Got mine from mobicity (hattip ausdrioid) and it’s greeaat. 
    Makes my sgs2 look like a cute little toy.

  • Snguyn

    I can not wait for long. Come on vodafone, please release the phone now

  • samsung fan

    I want one

  • Jackjones

    Seems to me that Vodafone would be going for the CBD Suits who need big screen real estate for spreadsheets etc and who want and can afford hi-speed CBD LTE 4G data.

  • Vodafone is gd in updates..llmeans Ics will be out soon for note

  • I saw a few of these in Hong Kong… They looked like total spanners talking on one of them!

  • Protec

    Im getting one from Vodaphone i cant wait, bring it on Vodaphone.

  • billtuber123

    hurry up vodafone. Hoping for it to come to crazy john’s for slightly cheaper. Anyone heard any more? I have been waiting for this phone since Sep last year!! 

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