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In the current age of smartphones and constant connectivity, it’s been a bone of contention for many online gamers for some time as to why the largest online digital distribution provider, Steam, are yet to release a mobile app. Well now they have!

I’ve only had access to this for a few hours but it appears that through the steam forums, Valve have listened to the wishlist for gamers

  • Access via mobile device and PC simultaneously
  • Market access via mobile
  • Steam Friends chat via Mobile
  • Rumour: Specials for Mobile users ONLY

While the app is not yet 100% stable and very limited numbers of people have access, I can see that this has huge potential for gamers to increase their online presence and communication with friends. To register your interest in being part of the beta, all you need to do is download the app and attempt to log into it with your steam credentials or hit up any of your gaming mates who have spare invites. You (once accepted into the Beta) will receive an email with instructions on progressing further. Once more information and more functionality is available to the app, we’ll update you further, happy fragging gamers.

Source: Steam Community.