Samsung’s Super Bowl ad brings together three things I love: Android, The Darkness and Miranda Kerr

While the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in America — pfft, give me the AFL Grand Final any day — the ads are also a massive spectacle. Samsung’s ad was the only one that piqued my interest, mainly because it brought together three things I love: Android, The Darkness and Australia’s own Miranda Kerr, even if her appearance is just over a second long. In the ad Samsung are trying to get people into the Galaxy Note, but I kind of threw that to the wayside and enjoyed The Darkness rocking out to ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love‘. Why Miranda even makes an appearance is beyond me, but I’m 100% okay with it. You can check out the ad below.


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  • Avon Perera

    That would be four things for me: Samsung too

  • Damon Lewis

    Nice spotting.

  • Geoff Fieldew

    Kicking down the Apple line barriers: AWSM!

  • Sheeds

    WOW – a Stylus :P Fancy that. (sorry, couldnt help myself) :D
    Miranda Kerr was DEFINATELY the redeeming factor!

  • NOZ

    Love how the barrista is still sitting there at the end…lolz

  • Miranda Kerr

    Thanks Buzzzzzzzzz. :*