Friday , April 28 2017

Motorola Atrix 3 leaks; internals include quad-core CPU, 3300mAh battery, 10MP camera

It was only at CES last year that Motorola unveiled the original Motorola Atrix, and come Mobile World Congress they’ll be unveiling the third iteration of the device — at least according to new leaks. The image above is the latest photo of the Atrix 3, and as it says, there will be an NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU powering the device and a huge 3300mAh battery to keep it charged up. There will be a 10MP with dual LEDs to snap all your photos as well.

There’s very little else know about the device, except that it may have a HD resolution screen like its counterparts that were released in China. We can almost bet the house on the Atrix 3 running Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’. The screen size looks to be about 4.3 to 4.5-inches — as long as it’s not pentile. Only 8 more days until we see it at Mobile World Congress, where all the specs will be revealed.

Source: Phone Arena.

Buzz Moody  

  • Jack

    This is only a concept.  In fact i’m pretty sure its a photo-shopped Gnex. 

  • almost definitely a photoshopped nexus.. when I look at my monitor from a certain angle I can see a different kind of pixelation around the Motorola logo on the second picture.

  • moto atrix is the first dualcore phone…..and hope atrix 3 is first quadcore phone 🙂
    correct me if im wrong

    • AlexGerontzos

      The HTC one x/endeavour I believe was the first rumored/announced phone to be quad core but to be released is still anyone’s race.

  • Anonymous

    This is a fake

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