Friday , April 28 2017

HTC One X going to Optus, One XL going to Telstra

Now that HTC have got all their announcements out of the way, it’s time for all the rumours, build-ups and confirmations to start happening in regards to which carrier will be getting which devices. First off it’s the HTC One X going to Optus. They’ve already teased the device on their Facebook page and the device, along with the rest of the ‘One’ series, is listed on HTC Australia’s website. There’s no release date or pricing yet — we’ll wait for an official announcement.

Next up is the One XL, which is the LTE variant of the One X. The only other major change is that it’s running Qualcomm’s (S4) MSM8960 Dual-Core CPU instead of Tegra 3. Before everyone jumps on a bandwagon hating on HTC, you have to remember that there’s no LTE modems for the Tegra 3 chipset yet, though NVIDIA are working on it. The MSM8960 is also a very capable piece of silicon that will rock your face off. The One XL is said to be going to Telstra (makes sense, it’s LTE and all..) in the next few months according to PC World.

Source: Optus.

Buzz Moody  

  • why isnt both going to optus

    • They certainly might, but Optus don’t have an LTE network yet — it’s meant to launch in mid-2012.

  • Oh FFS…..I want the Tegra beast, no more crappy Qualcom…Telstra you fools…give us the option…!!!

  • im just glad all the newly announced htc phone has beats in it 

    • Yes! Love that too.

      Unlike the Sensation, Beats works across all apps, not just HTC’s music player.

  • has ANYBODY found out what on earth we’re supposed to do when a legacy app wants a menu button on these phones?

    • ICS displays an “action bar” at the bottom of the screen with the menu items. No problems for apps pre-ICS working with Android 4.0.

      • you sure about that? In my experience, ICS displays an extra ‘menu’ icon in the action bar when it’s called for. These phones don’t have the action bar because the button functionality is enabled in hardware.

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