Sunday , April 30 2017

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note headed to Optus, Virgin in mid-March

Our tipster has sent us through confirmation of the Galaxy Note on Optus in the form of the Allphone catalogue. The device is indeed launching in mid-March on Optus’ $79 cap. Virgin will also be picking up the device around about the same time, no doubt on a pricing scheme to undercut Optus. For that price, are there still any of our readers that will be jumping on board?


Buzz Moody  

  • Tom

    geez if optus are offering it at this price wonder telstra will bring forward. “deed to your house as a deposit required”

  • nathsgames

    Thanks for the tip! Great news, I can’t wait for Telstra to get it! #ndroiddotnet

  • Canoe_polo4

    Love to get one!

  • Gregmcph

    $79. Geez. I want one, but…. $79.
    Sometimes Optus goes stingey.
    So I can go cheap and switch to Virgin, or go for a better signal and jump to Telstra.

    But not much incentive to stick with Optus.

  • Hikari0307

    Love to get one but that’s too expensive for me.

  • Ryan

    still waiting for vodafone to launch it

  • billtuber123

    It sounds like its coming to all the carriers now (vodafone confirmed and Telstra all but confirmed) so there is a good chance of the price coming down relatively quickly. The SG3 launch in April will surely bring price down too. $60/month is more like it

  • Paul

    Does anyone know if the white version will be offered as well as the blue, straight away?

    • Mark

      Nope… Jus ask the guy from telstra black only

  • bob

    i remember when the nexus was rumored for optus, they had similar pricing but was then available on a lesser price plan

  • im pretty sure the white version will arrive later in the year 

    • Wrwe

      On ebay, there is a white galaxy notes on sale. The vendor says its an upgrade so seems white version is here in Oz

  • Yapapi

    Galaxy Note on 24 month contract with Optus: $1896

    Galaxy Note outright and unlocked from Kogan: $588 delivered
    24 months of LiveConnected (ie Optus network) on Tribe 11 (ie no contract, just month to month): $263.76

    So, in answer to your question, I would not go for the Note at Optus’ price, not when I can get virtually the same product/service for $1,000 less.

  • Webbie_xx

    I will still be getting one whatever the price (i’m a little bit of a technology Junkie)

  • iv already got one lol nahh nahh 

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