Sunday , April 30 2017

Rumour: Optus and Virgin have a Galaxy Note release date of mid-March, free on $79 cap (update!)

Confirmed: We have confirmation that Optus and Virgin Mobile will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Release date is mid-March.

We’ve received a tip off that Optus and Virgin Mobile are planning to release the Samsung Galaxy Note in the middle of this month. The tipster said that pricing is set at $0 on a $79 cap, which to us seems a little high for Virgin but we’ll see how it plays out. We were also informed that Allphones will be selling the Galaxy Note outright at the same time, but haven’t locked in a price at this stage. We’ll mark this all as rumour for now until we can get some more info.

If this is confirmed by Optus, then the Galaxy Note is almost certain — Telstra yet to confirm — to launch on all 3 of the major carriers.


Buzz Moody  

  • Santosh

    Thats a bit dear from Virgin if they indeed sell at that cap , I am in a contract with them right now , not very happy with their service, Telstra pricing will be interesting !

  • Zaki Mohzani

    A poster on whirlpool tells us that Telstra’s date is 13th of March.

  • Masta_T

    Thats not a rumor, thats true.

    Virgin $5 on a $59 Fair Go, and $0 on a $79 Optus Cap.
    I’ll happily confirm those, handsets will be delivered to store next week.

    Both are present in the latest catalogues from Optus / Virgin.

  • Yislam

    But do we know if they will be the 3g or LTE versions?

  • Mark

    Who care is 4g or not.coverage wont be as good in another year or so,ive been to 3 diffrent telstra shop checking out the HTC velocity all had 3g signal only,asking them in return they ask u to check the web for coverage,give it another one to two years then think about u know OZ is always slow on these things.

  • Zanza

    Your first paragraph says “galaxy nexus” rather as the second says “galaxy note”. Just FYI

  • Nanerz

    so it will come out this month put it sure sure because u just made my day <3!!!

  • Nanerz

    is this going to be for virgin mobile do you have a date yet ??

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