Sunday , April 23 2017

Telstra might already be testing the Galaxy S III; will have 4G, quad-core, edge-to-edge 4.8-inch HD display

Well how about this for a Sunday morning rumour from Smarthouse. They’re reporting that Telstra is already testing the Samsung Galaxy S III with a release date set for a few days after the global launch date in April. Keep in mind, Smarthouse have reported some pretty horrendous stories that have never played out. Smarthouse says that Telstra’s Galaxy S III will have 4G LTE and was told by its sources that it does indeed have a 4.8-inch HD edge-to-edge display. Whether that’s 1920×1080 still remains a mystery for now.

The article goes on to say that Vodafone and Optus will also have access to the Galaxy S III at some point, but it’s not known whether or not Telstra will claim a month of exclusivity. If we get any more info, we’ll keep you informed.


Buzz Moody  

  • Ndroiddotnet

    Nom noms that is all.

  • if the phone is going to look like that pic…then i’m ready to stand in line 🙂

  • Level380

    Oh I’m excited by this phone….. Cleanup isle 3!!

  • Subscribe

    I said I wouldn’t replace my GS2 unless my next phone’s screen goes to the edge. Touche Samsung!

  • Michael

    Let’s hope these rum ours turn out to be more true than the recent Samsung super-tablet rumours. Otherwise the sgs3 will turn out to be identical to the sgs2, but maybe a bit cheaper…

  • andy

     how is that phone going to fit in your pocket?

    • Vanvin

      They actually did a size comparison with the galaxy nexus, and it turns that the overall S3 is smaller than the galaxy nexus, albeit with a larger screen.


      • Myk

        The SII’s form factor looks big enough to fit a 4.8″ screen edge-to edge. Gee it’d be nice if I didn’t have to buy a new car kit and desktop cradle.

  • Myk

    Now, if only they’d add a notification led!

  • hazchem

    Never believe Smarthouse. Worst so-called tech journalism in Australia.

  • Mikehunt

    I call bullshit.

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