Thursday , April 27 2017

HTC One X appears on Virgin Mobile webpage

The HTC One X is one of the big guns that were announced at Mobile World Congress last month, sporting an Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core 1.5GHz CPU and 720P HD LCD2 Screen it seems like it`s one of THE phones to beat in terms of specifications. We’ve seen that Optus will be carrying it, so it`s no surprise to see that Virgin Mobile will also be offering it. They have advised to check back for availability in early April and the plan appears to be a fairly reasonable $0 on $59 plan over 24 months.

Looks like HTC are coming back on form with the One series, they have some seriously nice specs and the design appears to be really nice. I can’t wait to see what they can come up with next. Anyone looking at the HTC One as their next phone? Who`s up for a contract renewal in early April?

Source: Virgin Mobile.

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  • Rick

    Very interested!

  • nicky

    I’ll be getting the One X, but i prefer to buy outright…I’ll wait till the price is around $500 and put the $250 I’ll get for my Sensation towards the cost of this

  • Fred

    Interested but waiting for sg3 to be announced

  • Arustymile

    contact runs out this month, will it b coming out on telstra 4g . if so i’m sold 

    • Squeal

      No the one xl will have lte but the chipset is changed to the s4 dual core chip

  • Pete

    i want one badly even though i’m happy with my desire hd at the moment. plus, my contract ends in october which is a long wait away – and the one x will be 6 months old by then 🙁

  • dcembury

    Want, so, bad, want.
    but you know what will happen, a month later the sg3 will get announced and have nissans self healing paint or a hologram screen that floats a foot in the air.

  • Hikari0307

    It’s a great phone but I’m disappointed they didn’t use on screen buttons as the menu button appearing on screen if it’s needed is stupid.

  • This is my backup if the S3 is a flop.

  • Frank Benign

    Moar battery, please.

    BTW, I think it uses the same LCD panel as the LG 4X (made by LG, obviously).  Don’t know why the don’t trump the IPS aspect.

  • Krjal

    Got an SGS2 so I’m waiting for the Samsung update but I’ve gotta say these HTC phones are really looking good.
    Definitely keeping an eye on these and awaiting your review 🙂

  • Equilibrium1990

    Take my money ASAP!!!

  • I am getting a new ipad for the missus since she is familar with IOS ala iphone even though all she will do is facebook on it. But i love tech and want a new tech toy, my galaxy ace is great but the screen is to small, though it is the ideal size for the pocket and is lighter than an iphone. I heard the new galaxy tabs (on cnet tv) wer’nt much chop, so and all in one htc one x is looking pretty good, the hitch is, is 4.7 big enough for my clumsey big fingers or is it to big for the pocket. Yet a 10 inch tab is to big to carry around unless i buy myself a man bag, which is not likely going to happen.  i wear cargo shorts most of the time so the Htc One X should not be a problem. Yes i am keen to get one,only the G3 could sway me now, since i am happy with the ace and the Samsung 3D smart tv i purchased recently.

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