Wednesday , January 25 2017

HTC One X – Pre Order from Optus now!

That’s right, you can pre order your quad core goodness right now!

A press release from Optus earlier today (which gave the wrong URL) has stated that if you pre order early enough, you can expect delivery on the 2nd of April. If you’re holding out for some Quad Core action on your phone, is it time to jump onboard? As always we recommend you do your research first, check reviews etc and make sure it’s the right device for you.

Personally, I believe HTC devices should at lease be free on a $49 plan, otherwise you’re entering into the realm of the top devices such as the Galaxy Nexus, which is free on $59 plans. It’s a fine line and a dangerous game to play if you get it wrong, have the plans that Optus have put this device on hit the right mark?

Source: Optus.

Phil Tann   Principal Associate

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