Saturday , December 10 2016

Rumour: Sony Xperia S, Samsung Galaxy XCover to launch on Optus in mid-April

We’ve received a tip-off from an anonymous source who has left us valuable information about the Sony Xperia S and Samsung Galaxy XCover. Both of the devices are expected to launch on Optus in the middle of next month — stores will be able to order them in two weeks.

The Xperia S is Sony’s latest flagship device and is set to impress with its stylish looks (check out its specs here). The Galaxy XCover on the other hand is a heavy-duty device (IP67 certified) that’s able to be covered in mud and drowned in water, and it will still work just fine.

  • 3.65-inch 320×480 capacitive display
  • Android 2.3
  • 800MHz single-core Marvell CPU
  • IP67 certified dust+water resistant
  • 3.15MP camera

There’s currently no confirmed pricing, however, when we find out we’ll pass the info straight on to you guys!


Buzz Moody  

  • A_A

    Apparently the Sony Xperia S is due at Dick Smith within the next 2 weeks as well for $555, not sure if this is branded or if it’s a mistype of the Xperia Arc S considering the low price for a flagship.

    Been waiting a while for the Xperia S launch now.

  • michael tahata

    can’t wait for the Sony Xperia S to be released. I am waiting for a NextG version to be released and then i will be getting it 😀 Mobiciti dont have a nextg version 🙁

    • A_A

      Every Xperia S can connect to the Next G version, Mobicity are clueless….

  • Zak

    guys the xcover is released already been released on optus since the start of the month on the 29 cap and above comfirmed as i work at allphones and also arc s on virgin has just launched on the 29 big plan with virgin

  • what is taking the xperia s, ive been out of contract for more than 2 months waiting for this phone!! its been released in many parts of the world already!! sony needs to get there act together!

    • Matt Booth

      I’m meeting with Sony this Tuesday, we should know who will be picking up the xperia s and how much by Tuesday afternoon.

      • A_A

        Will you be posting on here about all these details? I am extremely keen for this phone.

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