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The results of our poll are in! We asked you which (Android, duh) phone you were thinking of getting next and the results are pretty much as we expected: you want the Samsung Galaxy S III. You can check out the total results here, but we’ll give you the top five from over 1,100 votes.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S III – 47.76% – 533 votes
  2. HTC One X – 14.7% – 164 votes
  3. HTC One XL – 8.42% – 94 votes
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note – 7.8% – 87 votes
  5. Sony Xperia S – 5.91% – 66 votes

As you can see, the Galaxy S III is well ahead of the pack, mainly due to the anticipation and hype behind the unconfirmed device — it’s sure to rise/fall once specs are confirmed and people make a final decision.

The HTC One X and One XL are in second and third respectively, but have a combined total of around 23% which puts them well ahead of the Galaxy Note and Xperia S in fourth and fifth positions. It would seem that Telstra is on a winner by having the 4G One XL on their network, they just need to confirm a launch date and pricing.

Samsung’s 5.3-inch Galaxy Note makes it into 4th place, unsurprisingly. It has been a major hit for Samsung, whom have sold over 5 million of the devices. It’s also a major seller in Australia seeing as it’s available on all the major carriers.

Rounding out the top 5 five is the Xperia S, Sony’s flagship device, and the device I’m currently reviewing (spoiler: it needs ICS). The price of the Xperia S is certainly going to appeal to most people. You can buy it outright from Allphones for $488 and if you head into a Sony Centre you can get that price down to $475.

Companies: HTC, Samsung, and Sony
Devices: Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III, and Xperia S