Wednesday , March 29 2017

Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update available for Samsung Galaxy S II on Optus

Samsung have just pushed the Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update for the Galaxy S II on Optus to Kies. The update may be available for download over-the-air (let us know in the comments) or you can download it via Samsung Kies 2.0.

Optus is the first carrier to launch the new update, so props to them for the quick(ish) release. There’s no doubt Telstra and Vodafone will be releasing the update very soon as well, so keep an eye out.

Source: @SamKiesUpdates.

Buzz Moody  

  • Damon Lewis

    I’m surprised at how quickly the update came out here. Well done Optus.

  • masands

    Lazy Vodafone and Telstra. Next carrier definitely is Optus for me. Need to move away from Vodaphail immediately. 

    • Dwilks

      Just don’t be too surprised by the crappy coverage optus offers to its subscribers… I’m looking at jumping on the telstra band wagon when my current optus contract is up.

      • Ken Otsuji

        yeah i have optus but the coverage is just….yeah CRAP the downloads are slow too…i would go for vodafone next time…

  • Mr. Hatcher

    On the Telstra website, they say that it’ll be released on the SGS2 “Early April”
    (For anyone who’s curious)

  • Rodrito75

    What are you all talking about??? Optus hasnt released shit yet!! I check everyday!

  • Minno12

    What about unlocked? Would of thought first?

    • Win

      Who said it would? This isn’t the first update that came out on Optus before the unlocked version did. When 2.3.6 came out, Optus model got it before the unlocked version did by a day.

  • Mjustinvirly

    Wow I hope it’s easy enough to update. I’ve never used Kies before. 

  • Geek7899

    Can this be installed on a Virgin issued SGSII?
    The radio should be compatible, since its same n/w ?

    • Apollofury

      Virgin handsets arent normally Optus-branded ones, they’re whats called a “Vanilla” or “Generic” device.

      If yours doesnt have the Optus-branding and software applications, then no – you’d get the generic international firmware – which for the most part is better than the Optus Firmware anyway.

  • Nikolas


    Use this instead. It’ll run a shit load faster then any stock update.. I’ve had ICS for ages now. It’s a pearler.

    •  Telstra hasn’t even got a SGSII ICS update yet, As iirc Optus is the only Australian telco to officially release ICS for SGSII so far. Any tech minded person could have had installed a leaked/AOSP like CM9 or Miui ICS a while back but this update is aimed at the masses.

  • James

    Well done Optus.  It needs to be noted that Nexus S users are still awaiting an official update to ICS from vodafone…  so I wouldn’t hold my breath if you’re being patient.

  • Zachman002

    so yeah completely no upgrade

  • Bellcos

    HI, can some 1 help me out, i currently on a custom ics rom, now  i want to go back to original optus rom so that i can update my galaxy s2 to ics (official one). any i dea how can i go back to original optus one. 

    Thank you.

    • Go to  and search on i9100 – look for the Optus firmware that was released March 2012 and download it…
      Download and install Odin on your PC and use that to install the Firmware…

      To find out how to flash your phone… on the samfirmware site click on the “Flashguide” tab up the top and then click on Smartphone, then Android and then i9100.

      Or just look up “Odin guide Galaxy S-II” on Youtube…

      • Bellcos

        Thank you very much 🙂

  • come on optus im using the galaxy nexus when is that getting the 4.0.3 treatment

    • Jake Oliver


      4.0.4 is where it’s at 🙂

  • Ok so I have the Galaxy SII GT-I9100 Kenel Version I9100XWKK2 and I keep getting this from kies – This is the latest firmware (current firmware PDA:KK2 etc) can some one tell me if this is australian stock or not, because if not then Optus/Dodo have some explaining to do

    • The_Redux

      I’m on the same Kernel version and know enough to tell you that it is definitely the Australian model. I have also yet to see the ICS update on Kies and am considering flashing my phone to the Optus version even though my phone is unlocked. But I’ll give it some time first and see what happens. 

      • Are your sure, because I have had a further look into this, and it seems the kernel is for a European country which has yet to get the ICS update?? It only seems to be specific to certain Samsung Galaxy SII’s with the quoted kernels. In all honesty I think it is unfair, because if the telco’s are shifting in phones from other countries to fill the quota’s, then they need to think more responsibly when it comes to the updating of the software for their paying clients!!

        • Apollofury

          Just on that point – the Telcos here have exactly ZERO control over where the handsets come from. Zero.

          Samsung’s business model controls every aspect of the Galaxy S2’s sale processes, even beyond its actual company. So even after the units are paid for and shipped to the individual carriers, the carrier doesnt even set the price on plans – because its based around the rebate they will get from samsung for purchasing Galaxy S2 handsets.

          In this case, if you somehow didnt have an Australian Model (The international version is the one we get here) then the blame would squarely be Samsung’s alone.

    • s_mAn25

      Time of updates and the region of the phone doesn’t depend on the Kernel. It depends on the CSC. For example Optus CSC is OPS, Virgin and UnlockedAustralianStock is XSA, Voda is VAU, and Telstra is TEL.

      To check your CSC type in *#1234# in phone app. The CSC will be the 3rd line. For example mine is i9100XSAKK1, which is the latest UnlockedAsutralian/Virgin firmware (Gingerbread 2.3.6, no ICS yet)

      This website might help you to find out which region your phone is from 


  • urbanpitch

    Got the ROM. will install tomorrow. Hopefully it works. 700mb though. that is a lot bigger than my last gingerbread update of 350mb

  • urbanpitch

    The optus version is still technically unlocked. it’s not that it’s huggered down to only their sim but that it has some optus apps on there like ‘my account’. that’s usually the ONLY thing different in the optus versions. sometimes though, even that’s not there

  • Tim

    Got the Optus 4.0.3 Last Night.
    No OTA update, but went very smooth using Kies. Some nice new features. Plenty of Optus bloatware but most can be deleted this time around! The rest I just throw into a folder.
    Seems very snappy and responsive.
    Thankws Samsung, and a pat on the back to Optus for getting it out ASAP.

    • Zachman002

       how did you do it? i cant get mine to work

      • Tim

        Hey Zachman.
        Simply connected it to Kies and it said an update was available. IT took a while to download, but I hear it is a big update. The phone is just a normal Optus puchased phone, not rooted or flashed – nopthing special. Based on Alex D’s comment maybe I was one of the lucky ones.

    • Nbaird47

      I got the ICS update yesterday, cannot sent photos via email from Gallery, cannot use “internet” app or Google app – had to download Opera and use that for internet & google searches, which is a shame, because I really liked the old version (of ‘internet’ app).  Opera does seem to work faster though (especially along the Belgrave/Lilydale lines).

  • Brad

    Pitty the Open Europe versions from MobiCity that were the first SGS2s available in Australia seem to be a little behind in the updates 🙁 So eager we were to get them, now seems to be taking the longest to get official Kies updates.

  • Just spoken to Samsung technical support. It seems the update is for a limited number of Galaxy SII users for testing. The tech officer advised my they hope to have a full update for all Galaxy SII Australian based phones (so not brought through MobiCity/Expansys/eBay etc) within the next 2 weeks or so.

    So basically, if you are not running the kernels I9100XWLP4/I9100OPSLP4, you just need to wait *sigh*

    • Simon

      Do you know how/if people with SGS2 from eBay can get ICS? If not, then any word on when? (bought mine from eBay, currently on Optus prepaid sim)

  • Peter Graham

    No upgrade available yet ..just plugged into kies to check .. will keep checking over the next couple of days.

  • Frank Benign

    Nothing so far.

  • plodder78

    See for the update schedule from Optus for their phones. 

    • Peter Graham

      According to that link its “early April” which hopefully means any day now. 

  • troy

    Hi guys, if any one could help me that
    would be greatly appreciated! I am really keen to get this Ice Cream
    Sandwich all set up to my liken all before I go back to work next
    week. I am using the Galaxy S2, rooted using the I9100TDUKJ1 kernel.
    So I was wondering if I could flash the Optus kernel then download
    ICS 4.0.3 using Kies then re-flash it back to the old kernel.

    Does any one know if this would work?
    If so, what about future up dates like ICS 4.0.4 would I have to
    flash it back to the Optus kernel just to receive the up date?

    Cheers guys,

  • DasGav

    My just updated Kies says my device doesn’t support software update via Kies…. not sure why

  • androidmg
  • Jjjjjjjj

    Optus have have pulled the update off kies hey.

  • Shaunycrow

    So my phone isnt updating because it may be an overseas model? How can i tell?

  • Nicolasheaton

    I have a SGS II and the latest Kies but when I connect I get the message “GT-I9100 does not support initializing”
    The phone is a UK import on the Optus network.
    Any suggestions?

    • pubstub

      i have the same issue

  • pubstub

    did they pull the update? or is it just me… kies say’s i have the latest firmware but it’s not ICS

  • Tomstrat1989

    damn it…missed the update…now have to wait-.-“”

  • Marcel Bennett

    The release of the update was too early as Optus are still in testing phase as their site indicates.

    Sorry, but you will have to wait up to two weeks as previously forecast!

    You haven’t missed out, as anyone with the update will still need to update when the final version is released.

  • Michael

    I have 2 GT-I9100 both on Optus one got the update yesterday and i tried to update the other and it just says it is up to date …very frustrating 

  • Peter Graham

    Launched Kies this morning and its updating itself now .. could be ICS ?? hmmm

    • Michael

      so was it ICS

  • i bought my gs2 i9100 outright from uniquemobiles – so no carrier branding or bloaty nonsense.

    so question: if the update to ics comes from optus, does that mean the update will be full of carrier bloatware?  for some reason i was under the impression that updates came from google (like iphone or wp7), but i guess that would be too simple and logical. 🙁

    • l_lvl_l

      I got the phone outright & got virgin sim – kies says latest firmware 2.3 so i’m just left in limbo like a lot of others that have posted / wish Samsung & Google would release the os n the fools for carriers had nothing to do it, they care only to sell new phones & lines !

  • Hikari0307
  • CBF101

    any confirmations about this update? any known bugs? i know the initial ICS has a common battery drain bug, does this update have it? i’m already running ICS with root on my phone but having some internet issues where it’s really slow… i want to try this update as i use an optus sim anyway and hopefully it’ll fix this issue of mine. but i’d rather have slow internet than battery drain bug. i just figured out how to tweak it out of my one, and this update might be different to the one i flashed.

  • urbanpitch

    the file is over 700MB, that’s significantly bigger than the 340~MB file size of the previous Gingerbread Roms. Does that sound right? I was suspecting that Optus MAY have added bloatware, but that would be a hideous amount of bloatware!

  • Arctic069

    I could download ICS .I downloaded the new Kies but when launch it ,Kies keeps say that an update is available.I downloaded that ,but it still does the same thing

  • Kies says that I already have the latest firmware? uhgg this is frustrating, I want ics so bad.

    • Chris

       XDA you will find the firmware.

      Go to Optus.

      You can flash it yourself and as it is original firmware it will not I believe count as a custom rom.

      • Alaa

         original optus firmware is no longer available in xda it doesnt work u cannot download it but i have an alternative i got the firmware for otpus s2 its gingerbread 2.3.6 kernal xwkk2 if u need it let me know

  • Ryan S

    After trying about 10 times it finally completed the lastest update when launching Kies, however still Gingerbread, erghhhhh. Called Optus aka India, they were so oblivious to the update and suggested I goto Samsung webpage to download it. I’m like, are u for real?!

  • Dom123mcg

    Im on virgin which is on the optus network. Will the ics update be available for my gs2?

    • Peter

      I suspect so. Like you, I’m on Virgin but when I goto Kies, my current firmware is appended with the code – (OPS). This is the code for Optus firmware.

  • Craig

    I’m on the optus network but with an unlocked galaxy s2. So frustrating that the update is available and for the network I’m using but I can’t get it because the other carriers are dragging their feet. I mean, ics was launched what, about 7mths ago. When apple launches an OS update its available next day pretty much. Arrhhh!

  • Glen

    doesn’t work via Air or Kies 2.0.

  • Big W

    This is bullshit. Optus don’t even know when the update is going to be available

  • Bog

    what about virgin!

    • Peter

      Plugged my Virgin Mobile Galaxy S2 into Kies this afternoon and it told me a firmware update was available. Upgraded to ICS sweetly. Only hiccup was shortly after starting the download it told me my battery was very low (low…really…at 86%). Clicked on OK and the upgrade process started over. Proceeded normally after that….except as I watched it load a succession of OPTUS crapware.

      • Kat

        Where are you in Australia???  No upgrade for my Virgin Mobile Galaxy S2 even after Kies upgrade.  How can this be??

        • Peter

          Brisbane…but I don’t imagine its being deployed by states/regions within Australia. Even though I operate through the Virgin Mobile network, my phone has Optus firmware so I suspect that’s the reason.

  • Ujgfv

    Kies keeps telling me i have a new update but when i open kies and it farts around for 20 mins trying to pick up my phone or finds my phone but will not show any details i finally get kies to open and connect and show the details of my phone but it just says i have the latest ginge version.

    I have worked with many computers as in building and seting up and programming and i have to say kies is a joke!


    • B_bhavu

      update your kies

  • Macca

    I have had the upgrade from Optus for over a week now and the only issues i have are battery usage and no Internet (browser or Facebook) I still am able to use gmail and receive and send emails.  Does anyone have any idea as to fixing the internet issue…I’d call samsung but find it a waste of time.

    • Will

      Clear your cache. It’a because you didn’t do a fresh install, and ICS references things different to GB 😉

  • Sparky525

    Bullshit it isnt. i havent gotten it yet

  • Danreggie

    What if we dont have a laptop?

  • Will

    Downloading ICS via Kies now 😉 

  • Casta

     Thanks for the update! Also downloading it now 😀

  • pubstub

    finally got it… took 2 attempts to install but it’s finally 4.0.3

    • Jens Garcia

       how?! got my phone from virgin mobile but until now still hasn’t got the update?

      • shamsmu4u

        damn my galaxy s2 started having some lags and unknown issues with wifi even since upgrading to 4.0.3

  • pubstub

    As per the heading above, it’s available on Optus.

  • silver

    im on optus but i cant download it….?? could it be because i have an unbranded phone

    • s_mAn25

      Yes, it’s only for phones from Optus (with CSC which is OPS)

  • Eslideit

    Just updated my Optus S2 to 4.0.3 via  Kies and it seems to have worked.

  • Baylife

    just got it took 2 goes at downloading it but well worthit amazing on the galaxy 2 !!

  • Srinin

    Tried it failed

    Getting following message

    ‘GT-I9100’ does not support initializing.

    • silver

      I get the same message as well

    • Mookoid

       I get the same error message via Kies

  • Chris

    Looks like the latest fixed version is installing for me, I got the first release that was full of bugs.

    Use the LPS Root from XDA.

  • Chris

    Oh and then you can use Triangle Away to remove the yellow triangle and reset the counter to 0

  • silver

    does anyone know when ICS will be released for unbranded phones?

  • shamsmu4u

    the web browser stopped working ever since upgrading to ics!

    • p00pie

      thats the same as me!!! any one got any ideas why? went to app settings… cannot update that internet browser. instead i use opera now. but it just bugs me as to why it stopped working

      • jojo

        the same thing happened to me, so i restored the phone to default factory settings and it works now

        • Steveyoshi

           really…can’t see how default settings make a difference.
          does anyone else agree… my Internet doesn’t work either anymore.

    • Breeza_12345

      Same for me 🙁

  • OSIG

    Stuck on Boot screen after downloading have to send phone back to optus

  • Cordial_k

    Has anyone got the update for unlocked verson?

    • Khoder Ahmedd

      Yeah, got it today.

      • Alex

        How did you get it?

      • Anonymous

        how do you get the update??  I am trying but its still not coming through

  • GS AU

    Dont be in too much of a hurry to upgrade. While ICS has some nice improvements including the ability to uninstall Optus aps, there are issues in other areas too many to mention which makes me wish I never upgraded. This v4.0.3 really sucks. Trying to revert back to previous version or desperately waiting for an update.

  • dillon30

    I upgraded yesterday and everything stops running i get a message (unfortunately my files/contacts/media/task manager has stopped any ideas iv restored back to factory already

  • A.Mnt

    Absolutely hopeless upgrade. I upgraded last night. My battery is now draining so quickly that it’s ridiculous – it was 100% when I woke up an hour ago, and I’ve been checking Facebook, emails and the news, which I do every morning without fail, and I am now down to 79% battery. That is with all excessive apps killed and nothing running but the internet. I also have power saving on. I can’t tell you how frustrated I am – do NOT upgrade, if you can help it!!

    • imtlo

       Same here, my battery is flat after a few hours, even after killing off all the app’s. I read somewhere that it takes about 1 week for it to settle and then they say it’s better than before. I don’t know why, but here’s hoping.

    • Steveyoshi

      this is true… never need to charge after half a shift at work… got the charger on it now and still only 3 hours left.

    • Haxxa

      Delete and reconfigure your exchange account.

      Worked for me. Now battery is back to normal.

  • PatB

    cant access internet when connected to wi-fi, can get You Tube but no other browsing possible. Looks like the new download killed my access setting to internet so when push Internet icon the screen goes blank for 30 secs then says “unfortunately internet has stopped working”…rubbish as all our other phones (not S2 and one S2 without the new download) have no issue. We need some answers !!!

    • James_db


      – get the above error message lots more. Phone just freezes and shuts down the app.

      – Internet browser stopped working!! Using Dolphin browser now.

      Help please??

      • Shakil

        Uninstall adobe, install again everything Will be fine

    • Morgster79

      After a successful upgrade, would be worth reseting your phone and deleting all application data. Then go back to the Play Store and re-install what you need. Alternatively backup, reset your phone, then restore the apps. After that your phone should work nice and smooth!

  • The Jolly Jumbuck

    Sensational upgrade. Took a few days for everything to settle, now perfect. A faster, cleaner, better experience allround. If it aint happening for you, do yourself a favour and persist. You’ll be glad you did.

  • katedroidlov233

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  • Morgster79

    In-car bluetooth functionality, has lost most of it’s functionality compared to previous version of Android. Be careful on upgrading if you rely on it.

    • Steveyoshi

       agree…. can not connect as authorised, which is disappointing.

  • Brett

    The update showed for me last night and i clicked dont remind me again as i wanted to downlaod through my WIFI at home, got home and connected to WIFI checked for updates and it says ” no updates available”. Anyone know whats going on here?? even through 3G its telling me the same thing

  • Steveyoshi

    Internet not connecting Fix using original Samsung Internet Application – (Little Round Earth with ‘Internet’ below)

    Settings/More/Mobile Networks/Access Point Names – Options Reset to Default.
    Turn off Phone for 1 miniute

    Settings/Applications Select ALL tab.
    Find Internet Application and Clear Data
    Find Google Search Application and Clear Data – also not working for me!

    Turn off Phone for 1 miniute

    Wait for home screen to refresh a couple of times and try again.

    This fixed it for me.

    • mannyrod

      i did an upgrade of my SSGII firmware to ICS yesterday. I noticed today same trouble as metioned above. (“…..screen goes blank for 30 secs then says “unfortunately internet has stopped working…..”) Tanx for the tip. i did a conplete shut down. after a while re-started. cleared the data in google app. tried to search the web by google…..and it worked_!

    • Sandra

      Fixed it for me also. I was just about ready to throw my phone after installing ‘sandwich’ but thanks to you your info worked.

    • Balajidruv

      genius man – Thanx buddy… !! i almost thought i screwed up my phone!!

    • Arun Kumar

      Thanks a ton buddy. That worked for me too. 😀

    • Naomi

      Worked a treat. Samsung was useless….a bit pathetic that I found the solution to the problem on a forum!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Ken

      Very appreciative of this help. Just got my phone back up and going again a minute ago with this advice. Grateful!

    • Markus

      you are my hero 😉 worked for me thanks

    • Mixdnutts

      You are a god among men !!, I was just about to do a data reset on my SG2, then I stumbled across your blog, fixed my issue, can’t thank you enough !!!!!!

  • andy

    after I got mine updated from Vodafone couple days is my problem…first ,phone keep shut down itself, if i push power button it will not turn on I need to pull out battery and put back in again.
    second, my wifi keep turn itself off when i use wifi at home or somewhere else …all this problems never had happend to me before upgrade.. damm and not to mention to battery drain !! OMG

    • Terence

      same thing happening to me..

  • carl

    is anyone having trouble with battery charging and draining???

    • Birnie

      YES ! Upgraded last night.
      Now while plugged in, it won’t charge past 70%…that’s odd????touched the phone and it’s super hot with nothing running? What the !?

  • is ics in australia yet ???

  • alli

    Since the upgrade my ph keeps crashing and it keeps notifying me of new text message when no text or email or anything has come in and kies wont detect my ph so i cant use kies either ggrrr it was perfectly fine before. Why did i upgrade?

  • lexyxo

    After upgrading i am now unable to send MMS messages! Help??

  • shaml3ss

    Lol every one wants it quick then complains about the bugs lol be patient I’ve not had a problem with Ics apart from snes emu not loading roms but Ics smooth as on Telstra galaxy s2 I was actually surprised how smooth and clean it is I expected it to be buggy or at least laggy I do have a continuing problem all the way from gingerbread gyro only works on some apps and never work with games if I do a factory reset will it wipe Ics or not thanx

  • twinflame

    Thank you so much fixed the problem for me…

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