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Well this just seems to have come straight out of no where: Google might be looking into the possibility of selling Motorola’s handset division to Chinese company Huawei. The news is coming from a Wall Street Journal article which surely has some kind of strong source to back the claim up. If this goes ahead, we could see Motorola disappear as a company, leaving just its patents as a surviving memory.

For Huawei it could be a huge opportunity to make itself known in the US, as it has already stated in the past that it wants to become a top-tier manufacturer alongside the likes of HTC, Samsung and Apple.

We’ll see how this story eventuates in the next few days, as it is extremely interesting to see what happens. In the end it could be all bogus and Google has massive plans for Motorola. Stay tuned to find out!

Source: The Verge.
Companies: Google, Huawei, and Motorola
Devices: Motorola Mobility