It was only a matter of time before we saw CyanogenMod 9 ported across to the HTC One X, and now thanks to TripNDroid Mobile Engineering the release is available to be loaded onto your One X to make it 100% Sense UI free. A lot of the major features of the device are working in this initial release with only two features not working:

  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

This build of CM9 will work only with the currently released Quad-Core (Tegra 3) variant of the One X. So it will not work on the HTC One XL that will be launched by Telstra at some point this month, however, with the release of the same version in the US very soon, there will no doubt be a build for it in the future.

You can find all the instructions you need at the source link below. Let us know how it goes.

Source(s): CM9 - HTC One X (MoDaCo)
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  • Amit Kaul

     you guys can download from here : cheers tids2k@xda:disqus

  • unfunk Freeman


  • unfunk Freeman

    pity it’s not from an official CM maintainer. Tripnraver is a good dev, but he can be a complete douche at times.

  • dibbsy

    Now someone just needs to port sense to cm9 and we’re all good.

    But seriously the sense bashing isn’t cared for, it reuined the review, for everyones sakes please put it on your personal blog.

    • unfunk Freeman

      why? Many people feel the same about Sense. It just gets in the way of on otherwise beautiful operating system and phone.

    • Scott

      like most people i hate sense as well, it was nice and looked good 2 yrs ago but now it is just old and slow.  ICS is a beautiful thing that is ruined by sense, just as it is ruined by touchwiz on SGSII…..  The sooner the companies realise this the better.

      • Sam Caplat

        Couldn’t agree more, ICS is beautiful and intuitive. Whatever HTC and their users think they’ve improved, it’s irrelevant.

  • ASM

    the source link is not working

    • dara ing

      Link does not work at all!!