Sunday , April 30 2017

Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for Vodafone/3 Samsung Galaxy S II available from midday tomorrow

Vodafone has just tweeted an update advising that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II from either 3 or Vodafone should start to see the Ice Cream Sandwich update available via FOTA(Firmware Over The Air) for their phone from midday tomorrow(May 2nd). The upgrade will be to Android 4.0.3 and as well as bug fixes and enhancements it will include many new features including :

  • Speed and performance enhancements
  • Folders of your favourite apps right on your homescreen
  • Improved keyboard input and error correction
  • Face Unlock – unlock your phone with a smile
  • Data Usage Meter
  • Improved voice detection including voice typing
  • Enhanced multitasking interface
  • Resizable homescreen widgets

Vodafone advise that you should back up all your data before hand as a precaution and also ensure your phone has enough charge to complete the upgrade. From Midday tomorrow you should be able to prompt your Phone to receive the FOTA upgrade by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check for Update, the update is 225MB in size and if you`re worried about data usage you may want to wait till you`re connected to Wifi to initiate the download. Vodafone has advised if you would prefer you can also update via Kies but this method involves a 1050MB update, to do that make sure you have the latest version of Kies and then connect your phone, you should then be prompted to update the firmware. Remember as per usual start sounding off in the comments below when you see the update.

Edit : Whilst Vodafone customers will have the option of the FOTA update, 3 customers will have to download the update via Kies. Thanks Evan, we also confirmed this with Kieran from Vodafone on last nights podcast.

Source: Vodafone Blog.

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  • Coda


  • Vodafone can do FOTA or Kies, Three phones are Kies only.
    More details and instructions here:

  • Nathan Reed


  • Tl_temp

    From some of the other forums, the ICS update causes faster battery drain. Any opinions?
    Also, how do I back up a phone without root access (sorry, stupid I know)

  • masands

    Where is the htc sensation update! Bloody Vodafone!

  • Weielle

    if you are Vodaphone user and have vodaphone sim card in use, the data won’t be taken off from your monthly data allowance.

    • Sharkfan

       That would be nice if it was true. I have 200mb data limit on a second phone (Nexus S) with Vodafone and it blew my limit and i got charged for the excess data. So be careful people.

      • Kickassmonkey18

        It is very very true, its what vodafone have said on their blog.

        it wont come out of your data allowance if you are using a VF au sim card

    • Coda

      That is not true.

  • Poppamcdaddy

    Come on voda being waiting for weeks
    just wondering if u instal this can u uninstal
    it or is it permamently there
    and how is the battery state any better then gingerbread

  • Mark

    Vodafone blogs etc have crashed with database errors shortly after 12:10 AEST…

  • Sharkfan

    It would be really quite hard to do an ICS update with NO 3G signal at all wouldn’t it. Well Vodafone has done it again. I’m in Sydney and have NO 3G, lucky i can connect to WiFi i guess. Just shows Voda looking after their customers again…..NOT!
    Even the Voda blog is down too. (Update, just came back).
    Hope this ICS update goes well. Will post later.

  • Dharm

    hi has anyone got ics yet fron voda?

    • Sharkfan

       Installing it now. over WiFi cause 3G is non existent here in Sydney !!!!!!!

    • Dharm

      Thanks i am doing thru kies

  • Ryan

    downloading now via Kies… whoo! 

  • Nathan Reed

    Downloading via 3G in Pyrmont at the moment. Approximately 100kb/s so 50 minutes to go. Should be up and running by the end of my lunch break 🙂

  • Sharkfan

    Now have ICS on my SG2. Appears ok. Just setting everything up now. Will post when i know more.
    Downloaded via WiFi as 3G was/is down in Sydney areas.

  • Emkay

    Well, ICS deleted all my folders lol – my app menu is a mess, but at least it’s finally there :).
    Also, we can’t make the ICS folders (drag two apps on top of each other) on GS2?

  • Party

    I can’t download it! Any idea why? I have a vodafone handset? I tried enabling over kies wifi (since I have a mac) and it doesn’t download? + going into check for updates manually doesn’t do it either. Is it a staggered release? 

    • Daniel Tyson

      Kiearan from Vodafone confirmed the release would be staggered, so keep trying.

  • Nathan Reed

    Launcher Pro crashes on load so having to ditch it = setting up my phone all over again. Swapped to Apex Launcher on a friends recommendation and liking it so far. Going to have to wait till tonight to have a proper play and get everything running smoothly again. At the very least it’s been a good chance to revisit what apps I do / don’t use and uninstall the waste. Currently sitting at ~120 apps. Should be able to get that below 100.

  • Ali200218

    Damn google still no arabic keyboard

    • John chung

      Can’t u just get Arabic IME from market

  • Bradleyswift1986

    can’t download it said no updates any ideas

  • Mike74

    Any news when the Desire HD may be getting the sandwich treatment?

  • Igro

    told me there is an update available and then i went home to download it via wifi and now says there is no update available….??

    • philip

      i got the same message too….try updating via Kies on your pc, it works.

    • Johnkor27

      Best way is to use kies to update


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  • EssEyeDee

    I was prompted around midday that there was an update, but I scheduled it to an automatic time 6 hours later. Now, just over an hour ago when I tried to download manually, it says “No update available” ???  Is it just me or are others also facing similar problems?

  • Anthonaut

    I didn’t get any notifications for updating FOTA so I updated about
    two hours ago via Kies. Simple and painless process, had no troubles with it at all. ICS seems nice so far, no real change from Gingerbread which I’m guessing is because of TouchWiz. I have noticed a lot of small changes though like colours, menu screens and transition animations. My favourite features so far would be the data usage meter, the new multi-tasking menu and swiping to remove individual notifications. Looking forward to flashing a stable release of CM9 though just to compare.

  • Dee Jay

    ics with tw is realy disgusting…… updated my gs2 with kies… really bad experience.. battery life is poor…. according to me cyanogenmod 9 is better than official update…

  • peter baker

    5pm yesterday I got a message from vodafone saying “android 4.0 is ready and waiting for you”  11am today, I still can’t get the update OTA.  frustrating

    • John Chung

      Is an good idea to use kies to update

  • John Chung

    I have updated mine via kies from Perth , not much major changes but there is still an overheating issue with the phone

  • Wes

    Will I lose any data if I update to ICS?

  • Dharm

    hi everyone i can not update ICS via KIES so i reset the phone and tried via software update and it worked,

  • Bob

    It has one bug.
    On the home screen it shows a number of messages you haven’t as a number over the envelope.
    Once you view your sms the number disapears.

    Since ICS update the number will often stay there so it looks like you have unread messages when you don’t.

    • Bradleyswift1986

      Mine does the same you have to restart your phone it sucks apart from this ics is good

  • Bec

    Updated over wifi, worked perfectly. I’m too enthusiastic about it though, when you go open an image in gallery and then share, it only gives you two options allshare and Picasa. No facebook or email or messaging… And my contacts often freezes and comes back with an error since the update. And mapservice error message also comes up….

    Can get around it though! And no one else seems to have the same issues!

  • Richard Frost

    Hey there, how about updating us Galaxy Nexus owners when the Telstra Galaxy Nexus will get its 4.0.4 update. I own an off-contract GNex, but I know of others who are stuck on Telstra GNex’s 4.0.1 which is very unstable and needs a major update now.

    I spent 40 minutes on the phone with a Telstra support person over the weekend and he said he would talk to management who would call me back – Telstra – still not a word from them as expected and I told them that I never expect them to call back.

    Yet finally I got a response from Telstra’s Google Plus page (yes they actually respond on G+ to customers!).. 

    See the discussion here: 

    Telsta’s official comment as of a few days ago on this:

    +Richard Frost That’s a fair comment, and we’re working hard to ensure that the smartphone software updates page not only is kept up to date, but includes all important software updates, as we appreciate the fixes the Android 4.0.3/4 provides. We’re also keenly aware of the of the delay in providing them – and unfortunately the reason behind this delay, at present, is that at this stage Telstra has not received the software from Samsung in order to start the testing process, and Samsung has not been able to provide a date that they will do so. You can be sure that as soon as the software is provided, our devices team will be working hard to have it approved as fast as possible.As with all software updates, however, please be aware that the typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from when we receive the software and it being released via the manufacturer.I’m sorry for any confusion and frustration to date with your Nexus software updates, and hope this helps to at least clarify our position on the issue. We’ll keep you up to date as more comes to light on the matter.- JustinTelstra Social Media Team 

  • updated my software for samsung galaxy s2 to icecream sandwich but the update seems to be having some problems. music player always crashes, auto rotation no longer works well, it freezes a lot, internet explorer was no longer working after update bt i cleared the cache now its working. Need an update for fixing these problems samsung plz. i no longer enjoy using my fone.

  • Ruby

    When trying to update from my phone it doesnt connect. So i tried to update via kies and it says your device does not support updating via kies. :S what do i doo

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