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The day of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III we saw pages where you could register your interest in Samsung Galaxy products with the three major carriers, nothing specifically stating the Galaxy S III disappointingly but it’s a start. Now Virgin Mobile has tweeted a link to register your interest in Samsung Galaxy Products that they sell, whilst again not obviously stating that it’s to sign up to be notified of the launch of the Galaxy S III, I can`t really see any other reason for putting this link up at this time. Head on over to their Samsung product page and click on the ‘Register for Samsung News’ link.

It’s good to see there has been a reaction from carriers to the release of the latest Samsung flagship phone, but I would personally like to see a little more from them, I don’t expect to see a pre-registration page for each phone released by a manufacturer, a page for a major phone release would be nice to see, something akin to the hype and effort they give to certain phones from another manufacturer would be nice, I’m sure having hard numbers of people looking at a specific model of phone would help them.

Source: Virgin Mobile Twitter.
Companies: Samsung
Devices: Galaxy, and Galaxy S III