Friday , April 28 2017

Sony Xperia Sola available for pre-order at Harvey Norman for $499, launches later this month

If you’re interested in Sony Mobile’s “Floating Touch” technology, you’ll be able to try it out first hand very soon. Harvey Norman have the Xperia Sola up for pre-order on their website with a $499 price tag (spoiler: it’s $50 less at MobiCity). There’s no launch date, however, it does say May 2012 — with the process of elimination, I can confirm that’s within the next ~21 days. The only colour the seem to be offering at the moment is black, which let’s be honest, is clearly the best colour for the phone (the red above is pretty dodgy).

Source: Harvey Norman.

Buzz Moody  

  • A_A

    Red looks fine to me

    That being said, if you go for this, whether $500 from Harvey Norman or $450 from Mobicity I think you are a little insane with an Xperia S costing that much from JB HiFi with a little bit of haggling.

    Some people mention smaller size but I think the other Xperia’s are better devices, only advantage here is microSD card slot.

  • MattyB

    Meh…  a new phone shipping with Gingerbread …. no thanks.

  • JeniSkunk

    Floating Touch…
    Defective design concept.
    The Sony designers must have never read Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, else they’d know just where this idea leads, and why this idea is a BadThing.

  • Xperia Sola is now in stock on Mobicity.

  • Peter ivapeejuice

    My Harvey Norman store told me they have no information on the Xperia S as yet.I will keep you posted.

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