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A lot of people were annoyed by Samsung’s choice to use PenTile Matrix in the Galaxy S III‘s display, however, Samsung have come to defend their choice saying that it increases the lifespan of the AMOLED display. Sammy says that AMOLED screens degrade quickly over time, so with PenTile they can reduce the effects of degradation; something RGB cannot do.

With PenTile, Samsung says it can have the display function perfectly and still look as vibrant in 3 years time — not that you’ll hold onto the Galaxy S III for 3 years, anyway. Then again, this could all be spin from Samsung to validate their use of PenTile over the preferred RGB display technology. I guess we’ll find out in 3 years time if this reasoning holds water.

Source: MobileBurn, and Phandroid.
Companies: Samsung
Devices: Galaxy S III