Friday , May 27 2016

Telstra’s HTC One XL may have been delayed until the middle of June

Take this with a huge grain of salt, but we’ve been hearing from a few people — and it’s been posted on Telstra’s own community forums — that the HTC One XL for Telstra may have been delayed until the middle of June (next month). We’ve heard no definitive reason for the delay, but it has been widely speculated that the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip powering the device has been in short supply. That would make sense as to why the One XL has only been launched in major markets such as North America (AT&T in the US, Rogers in Canada) to ensure there’s enough supply to meet demand.

We assume that once there’s enough S4 chips to go around, the One XL will make its appearance here in Australia on Telstra. Whether that’s the middle of June, or perhaps a little earlier (we’d like to think so!), remains to be seen.


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  • Ezyaz007

    Will the international purchased phones(from US,canada etc) still work here on telstra network?

    • They will work fine on Telstra’s 3G HSPA+ network as they support 850MHz HSPA+.

      They *won’t* work on Telstra’s 4G LTE network as they don’t support 1800MHz LTE.

    • Kris

      Not on Telstra LTE I believe.

  • Gibbo McCool

    Buzz you could have written 20 articles like this based in what a telstra store manager said, all with different dates.

    • True, but we’re against pointless spam. This is a date that keeps coming up.

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  • Chris

    I noticed MobiCity now seems to stock the HTC OneXL:

    Doesn’t list the 4G frequencies though, so not sure if it’s the Asia one or the US (price is also a bit crazy).

    • I believe they’re testing one on Monday that might work on Telstra’s LTE network.

      • Chris

        Excellent, I’m dieing to get one, although not sure I’m willing to pay a 25% premium over the One X for occasionally faster speeds in town….

  • qldsparky

    I’d really love to have confirmation that it will indeed be LTE. And-what happened to our Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE as well?????( I will keep on dreaming 🙂 )

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  • Richard Lane

    I currently work for Telstra and my only concern is that there really won’t be any redeeming features about the HTC Velocity once this is out.