Friday , April 28 2017

MobiCity now selling the HTC One XL, beats Telstra at their own game

While Telstra might have delayed the launch of the HTC One XL until sometime in June, MobiCity have beaten them at their own game by offering the device for purchase right now. The HTC One XL comes in black and works on all Australian 3G networks, but most importantly it works on Testra 4G LTE network on 1800MHz. The main difference between the One XL and the One X is the inclusion of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Dual-Core CPU which can certainly hold its own against the Quad-Core Tegra 3 in the One X as it is built on a smaller 28nm fabrication process — Tegra 3 is built on a 40nm process (smaller is better).

If you’re interested in buying one, MobiCity are selling them for $850 a pop. I’ve already purchased mine and will be reviewing it once it arrives.

Source: MobiCIty - HTC One XL.

Buzz Moody  

  • Glenn

    Will you need a new SIM card or will your current 3G SIM work anyway? I remember when we’d upgraded to a 3G handset from a 2G Nokia and we needed a new card. Guessing you’ll just say I need a 4G SIM and they’ll give you an odd look and wonder what you’ll be using it in!

    • Current 3G sims (for telstra nextG anyway) will allow you onto the LTE network as per normal

      • No_Underscore

        If you were churning to Telstra, would they allow you to just pick up a pre-paid sim?? or would they want you to sign up for one of the BYO Phone plans (12M)??

        • Hikari0307

           just go there and tell them you want to port your number to telstra prepaid and there will be no problem.

    • douglasac10

      I doubt they’d give you an odd look… they’ve got the three 4G modems, the Velocity and the S2 4G, so they’d probably be more than happy to do a switch for you.

    • Hikari0307

       Current Telstra 3G sim cards is good enough to access the 4G network. You don’t need to change your sim.

  • I want to order one, but 850 bucks…. jeez

    • Steve Burnett

      Samsung SG3 is $800 for 16 GB dual core and only 3G

      • vodka4boris

        Hey Steve,

        The S3 is quad core A9 Exynos 4 – it is not dual core.
        One X is quad core A9 Tegra 3. 
        One XL is dual core A15 Snapdragon (Krait).

        All the specifications are available on gsmarena for you to read.

        Here is a comparison of S3 with the One X – draw your own conclusions as to why the S3 costs more: 

  • Steve Burnett

    Love to know what the battery life is like, and if it is better than the quad core One X

  • Oh man, I just realised the unintentional pun in the title. I am hilarious.

    • Nathan

      I thought it was intentional 😛

  • Boultonokelly

    I’m hoping the locked Telstra one will be a tad cheaper.

  • qldsparky

    I’ve just ordered one too. The difference between this and the hoped for sgs3 (lte??? ) is not worth worrying about for me. Been happy with mobicity service in past so I’m buying this on current comparisons and my delight with previous HTC phones.

  • MattyB

    Does it take a regular sized sim or a micro-SIM?

  • No_Underscore

    This is crazy, there is something different about being able to bring a random unannounced (by the telco) phone onto their LTE network… love it.
    Its not like with GSM, where there is a number of compatible networks worldwide, .. LTE, with limited worldwide pickup and frequency banding issues.

    Imagine taking it into the Telstra Shop and asking for support, showing them that its on their LTE network… “but we don’t sell that phone”

  • Android Extremist


  • Pugzor

    Hey Buzz, according to that speed test app you have an unclaimed prize! Wow! Not only do you get to play with the cool phones, but you win prizes randomly too. That’s so cool.

  • Djtsambi

    News from an extremely reliable source us that. the Telstra version will be 32 gig. this is stated on HTC Australia web page. this is no mistake. why buy a gray import with inferior specs I ask.

    • Us early adopters will do crazy, insane things.

  • Deanja

    Once again it’s a simple case, similar to the Galaxy Note release by Telstra, the Moto Xoom and will be the same with the release of the Galaxy SG111 by Telstra, they struggle getting the Bloatware act together which holds up the release of the units.

  • José Muñoz

    $850!!?? god damn!

    They should be called MobCity.

    The regular One X is selling around $550 now so what is the reason for the additional $300?
    An LTE chip cannot be worth that much, even if it is coated with “first” frosting!

    • Hikari0307

       that’s the price that comes with exclusivity I guess lol, most new high end new phones go around that price and will steadily go down as time goes on, no doubt it’ll fall once Telstra releases theirs. Who knows if that’s actually close to the price in south korea since my best guess is they are sourcing it from there since there’s LTE there with the same frequency as the ones Telstra is using.

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