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Although the HTC Sensation on Telstra was expected to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich sometime this month, it was then pushed back to later this month / early June. Now the latest news from Telstra suggests an even later roll-out in June. Why? Well it seems as though issues were found in the update by Telstra and now HTC are working to rectify the identified issues and send a new update to Telstra for internal testing. If Telstra’s update testing process is anything like Vodafone’s –which was explained on our podcast — then it’s possible the update won’t roll out until late June / early July.

The upside to all this is that then you do end up receiving the update, it will be less buggy than when it was first sent to Telstra. Though that news might not be enough to tide you over until the update comes.

Source: Telstra.
Companies: HTC, and Telstra