You`ve pre-ordered the Galaxy S III but can’t wait the 2 weeks till importers start shipping out the Galaxy S III to get your fix? Well how about you get a head start on reading up on your new toy and download the manual which has been found on-line at Samsung. You can start reading up on S Voice, S Planner, S Memo, S Suggest and S Beam and all the other features that Samsung has baked into their latest flagship by downloading the 181 page PDF from Samsung at the source.

Source(s): Samsung
  • jimmej

    Wow, big news! I guess this might be the only occasional the manual will actually get read!

  • dzeRnumbrd

    The gesture screen unlock seems good – I knew about the other gestures but not that one.

  • No_Underscore

    Before the phone was announced, amougst the leaks, i recall a manual or similar was released then… did it end up being the same manual??
    MIght have to look back over the history to see.