Thursday , April 27 2017

Samsung Australia to hold Galaxy S III launch event on May 31

The great team over at PC World Australia are reporting that Samsung Australia has sent out invites to the media for a launch event happening on May 31st. What might that event be for, you ask? Well I think this blanket statement from Samsung Aus sums it up nicely:

“Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased there is continued interest about our GALAXY range in Australia, but we have no plans to make any announcements at this time.”

We totally believe you, Samsung. Why on earth would want to launch the successor to the most successful Android phone to date — the Galaxy S II — here in Australia?

The event will be taking place in good ol’ Sydney and will no doubt see the Galaxy S III unveiled (again) and find itself on a multitude of Australian carriers. Although it hasn’t been confirmed by the big 3 carriers, we can safely say it will launch on all of them, and that Telstra will be eyeing a 4G LTE version.

Upon release to consumers sometime in June, it will be up against fierce competition in the HTC One X and not-so-fierce competition in that Apple thing. Pricing will no doubt be premium across all carriers, with $79/mo looking to be the go-to plan pricing. MVMOs such as Crazy John’s and Virgin Mobile will surely have the most competitive pricing overall.

The launch of a 4G LTE version on Telstra will see it paired up with the HTC One XL — making the two devices the best of the best when it comes to 4G smartphones, and will cement Telstra’s 4G network as the very best in comparison to the small roll-out Optus has had in NSW.

We’ll do our best to get confirmed pricing and release dates to you as soon as we can! Stay tuned.

Source: PC World Australia.

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