Tuesday , February 28 2017

Vodafone pushes maintenance update to HTC One X

Vodafone and HTC have today pushed out a maintenance update for the HTC One X. If you’re on Voda with the One X, it’s recommended that you connect to Wi-Fi to download and apply the update due to its large size. Dubbed “1.29.862.11“, the update aims to fix bugs throughout the OS and address stability issues, or to put it simply: improve the overall user experience. There aren’t any major changes and all your data will be left untouched.

Source: Vodafone (blog).

Buzz Moody  

  • Amit

    does this improve the flicker issue …

    • thomas

      we have downloaded it in aus/vodafine and it seems to still have a faint flicker issue on our but only when battery is below 5%

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