Sunday , April 30 2017

Pebble Blue coloured Samsung Galaxy S III arriving in stores now

I have called stores around Canberra this morning and was advised by staff at Optus, Vodafone and Crazy Johns stores that they have stock of the 16GB Pebble Blue coloured Galaxy S III. I also called a number of Telstra stores who advised they did not have stock as yet but they receive their deliveries mid-morning so call back later to find out if any arrive. Virgin Mobile staff were still unsure when the blue would arrive, however they tweeted me last night to advise they had them in stock online so I imagine stock will be arriving in stores shortly.

I’ve been seeing the Marble White variant of the Galaxy S III at work and out in public and people have been tweeting saying they also have been seeing the white one around the place. Let us know in the comments if a store near you has the Pebble Blue version or if you see one out in public.


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  • PointZeroOne

    The place where I get my coffee one of the guys who works there got the Pebble Blue on yesterday. I haven’t checked it out yet. Hopefully I don’t like the look of it more over my white one.

  • Do we expect retailers like Dick Smith to be getting the pebble blue at a similar time?

    • Damon Lewis

      If Dick Smith gets them in stock soon I will run out there (literally run) and get one and cancel my Mobicity order…I’m tempted to cancel my order anyway and save $50+

      • Haha I know, I actually just did the same thing!

  • Sharene

    I received an email from Virgin yesterday saying that the Blue version is available to purchase now but they have limited stock. I ordered mine yesterday just before I got the email actually so was glad to receive the email. Virgin’s website has the blue one available but only has it under “limited stock”

  • I got the White one. Its really amazing, very light(especially after HTC Desire HD) and feels good in hands.
    I would love to have purple one but white was only available when I got it and I couldn’t wait to get it into my hands.
    Instead of buying on cash, I got it on vodafone on 29$ plan (12 month plan) and paying 35$ for the phone. The total amount comes to 768$ in 1 year. I think this is a good deal as you are only paying the GIII price in instalments.

    • behelit

      It’s $29 and $40 phone payments isn’t it??

  • Godfrey

    I just got a call from Kogan checking delivery details, and they say my Blue 64GB SGS3 is still on track to be shipped 11 June. Woohoo!

    • Hikari0307

      Seeing as there’s no indication anywhere in the world the the 64gb S3 will appear very soon, I’m guessing that’s just a ploy by Kogan so that you don’t cancel your order and go buy from somewhere else.

      • Godfrey

        Bingo, Hikari. And you can say “I told you so”. Kogan have just bumped out the expected shipping date to 13 July. I have cancelled my order and I am making a complaint to the ACCC.

  • was in a virgin store this morning and the pebble blue in the flesh well not as nice as i would of thought glad i got my white version from telstra last friday

  • James

    Just got mine today at an Optus store in the Sydney CBD… sooo much sexier than the white one.

  • Maurizio

    Went to northland Telstra today and told 2 months wait for the pebble blue. Seem to be clueless on any deliveries. Also told that there’s issues with the white versions peeling. First I heard of it. Been to a few telstra stores over the past days and they have either had no phone to display or sprouting crap info like the battery is useless and won’t last half a day and that with 100% certainty that there will be no 4G version coming, not that their not sure but 100% sure! Wow. Also trying to sell the note instead. Really want a pebble blue S3 with Telstra but it feels like I may go with a carrier with a store that has actual staff with a clue about their job.

  • Creech

    Ringing around canberra later in the afternoon the story seems to be the telstra “t-life” stores say no stock has arrived and are not expecting the stock for months. But these are the same stores that told me a week before the phones launch in australia that the galaxy III would not be available till later in the year. So what I gather from this is that the t-life store individually have absolutely no idea on new stock arrivals.

  • Damon Lewis

    I sent an email to Dick Smith via their website asking if/when the pebble blue will be in stock. I’ll post the results here (I went to a store just before and they said they were unaware if stores were going to stock the pebble blue).

    • YC

      Just called Dick Smith at Majura Airport, unfortunately they couldn’t get their hands on the Pebble Blue ones and even the White ones are running low on stock. If you’re in Canberra, there’s 4 left in Gungahlin, 1 in Belconnen and 1 in Tuggeranong. More stock coming in to other DSE stores on Monday…but white ones at this stage.

    • Damon Lewis

      I got a reply from their twitter saying “We will be ranging but we don’t currently have an ETA”. Not sure what ‘ranging’ is but I assume they will get them at some unknown point.

    • Damon Lewis

      haha I just got a reply from my email to the DickSmith website.
      “In response to your email, we would like to advise you that we do not
      currently stock the Galaxy S3. Should this come into stock our website
      will be updated accordingly.”
      That’s strange because it’s listed on the website now and have been since release.

    • Wow, they really seem quite hopeless. They obviously are selling it; we could all go order a white one now from their website.
      And ‘ranging’…. -_-

    • Dumi

      Vodafone has the blue colour one in 16 and 32 GB as well,I bought a blue one from Indooroopilly (QLD) like 2 days ago….

  • Paul Colby

    Just asked around at my local Westfield – Fountain Gate… most shops didn’t have the blue in stock. A Telstra rep sais 2 ~ 3 weeks before they get any.

    However, Vodafone did have them in stock – show’d me the box, but was unwilling to open so I could see ’em in the flesh… none on display.

    And All Phones had them, they guy there happily cut the seal off a new one to show me… I wanted it on the $30 Optus plan, which they had no problems doing, so I bought one – yay! 🙂

    So, in summary, at Fountain Gate, both Vodafone and All Phones has the pebble blue right now 🙂

    • Paul Colby

      Oh, he pointed out (mostly by accident) that on the $30 plan, the 32GB model will be $20 handset repayment instead of $17 for the 16GB…

  • Bradey

    Had a play with the white model in a Telstra shop last weekend and all I can say is that it’s a pretty bloody good phone.

  • I am typing this msg with one 😉

  • Zaki

    hey guys allphones now stock the blue.We got them in stock today and i believe we are able to price match dicksmith if they have the item in stock and have it advertised in there catologue, also u can get insurance for an extra 99.95 which will cover u for the year
    thanks guys

  • Hikari0307

    Says they will only have the unbranded blue stock on 18th of june. Considering they had the white at launch date, probably the date would be the same for DSE etc. as well.

  • Nathan Fox

    Kogan pushes back the SGS3 Pebble Blue orders to 13th July. Is any one else ordered with Kogan, and regreting it?

  • mark0Z

    Vodafone Perth CBD stores have the Blue ones since yesterday morning – got myself one on the cheapest plan ($733.20 total after 10% off for current customers). Really doesn’t look like the poster/web shots – which is a good thing (and a relief). More metallic gunmetal grey than blue. Yes, the Hyperglaze coating makes it ultra-reflective though. Here are some photos of my “Pebble Blue” GS3 if any of you guys are still on the fence with the colour choice:

    Really liking it so far! Glad I waited for this (supposed) reworked Blue version.

  • Maurizio

    Telstra are now showing pebble blue available on their website. Now here comes the hard part. Finding a store that can actually help me.

    • Oh shat, it really does. I have rang just about every store in NSW over the past week, and half of them said they doubt they would ever get it, some said a month or two, some said weeks, and others said they had no idea.

      I just rang my local store again and told him about the website and he told me “It must be a website only thing, we aren’t getting it for at least 3 weeks”

      • It still isn’t showing in the Telstra stock system either. The website only updated over night, so I guess it just may take a bit for the information to spread.

        • JM

          “Now available in Blue” has been removed from their site.. back to the white pic now.

          • Creech

            Why is Telstra lagging so far behind everyone else with their phone releases? you would expect the largest Telco in Australia would have their game face on with new releases.

  • Uday

    Hi, I don’t know about stores but Optus just delivered my 16GB Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III. Yay!!

  • Allphones have the white and blue in 16GB & 32GB in stock

  • JC

    Any word on Telstra receiving the pebble blue version of the S3 yet?

  • Creech

    Pebble blue now available at Telstra stores!!

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