Rumour: Optus has the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S III in stock!

If you’re and Optus customer and looking to upgrade, now might be a good time!
One of our very reliable sources of info from inside the inner sanctum at Optus tells me that existing customers can now order the 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII from the carrier, but this is not yet being pushed or announced.

If history holds true to form Optus will “officially” announce this in the next 36 – 48 hours and other carriers will follow suit within the next week.
As always, thanks to SR2 for the tip!

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  • Hikari0307

    Hoping that this is true and hopefully unlocked and unbranded stock appear at around the same time.

  • Bennogf

    This is what I’ve read:
    32GB White and Blue – Minimal quantities available for high value telesales recontracting only. No Rainchecks available yet.

  • Paul Colby

    I bought a 16GB version today from All Phones. In the process I found out (apparently the sales guy’s computer was telling him) that the 32GB version will be available on Optus’ $30 plan for $20 per month handset repayment (the 16GB is $17 per month on that same plan).

    Of course, it would be available on other plans too… the $30 plan is just the one I was asking for.

  • Hikari0307

    Seems Vodafone is getting them in stock as well

    Great News, the Samsung GALAXY S III 32GB White & Blue now
    arriving over the coming days. We expect all outstanding orders to be
    delivered next week.

    We also have plenty of stock of the GALAXY S III 16GB White & Blue and are delivering orders within 2-3 business days.
    Last updated 06/06/2012″”

    Samsung GALAXY S III 32GB


    2-3 business days

    within 7 days

  • behelit

    I asked in store and vodafone reckons you can buy the blue 32GB now but online only

  • Nick Bellios

    I’ll stick to my Marble White 16GB and my shmexeee 32GB class 10 SD :P I’ve always said, I’d rather have all my stuffs on my micro sd then on the phone. Phone goes KAPOOT sd lives on! PLUS! You get 52GB drop box storage with these intelligent devices so no need for UBER phone storage!! Save your cash and go for the little fella >.<

  • Dan Murphy

    I’m not worried about the 32GB as I’d never need it. My Micro SD is where everything sits that consumes any vast amount of memory.

    This has to be, though, one of the smoothest phones I have ever used. The speed and power that it processes is like nothing else. The screen is amazing! I’ve never seen a picture so brilliant or clear. Highly recommend this handset for anyone about to upgrade.

  • Ash

    Why woudl you get teh 32gb when you can just upgrade the 16 with an additional 32gb and have more?

    • Hikari0307

      Why would you get the 16gb when you can get the 32gb and put an additional 64gb micro sdxc and have way more in it XP

      In all seriousness it depends on the person. The 16gb version with an sd card may be more than enough for joe public but it’s not for me.

      I like having all apps in the internal storage and use the phone to casually play games to fill up free time and when I’m on public transport etc. and I don’t want to have to go through my apps thinking what I need and don’t need anymore and uninstall them to make space.
      With the size of a lot of apps becoming bigger and bigger and especially have you seen the extra data HD games need to download nowadays, 16gb is definitely not enough for me. Not to mention you actually only get around 10-11gb available to you for the internal storage as the system has taken up a lot of space from the 14.8 you usually get with 16gb flash storages and I also have other stuff like documents, podcasts etc. that I want to store in the internal storage.

  • Hikari0307

    Optus now has the 32gb version in stores. Just confirmed this with a few stores today in Brisbane. Virgin also has the 32gb versions available online now.