Sunday , April 30 2017

Telstra to release the Sony Xperia P on 26 June

Courtesy of our good friend Secret Squirrel we can confirm that the Sony Xperia P will be coming to Telstra at the end of June, the 26th of June to be exact. The Xperia P is the baby brother of the Xperia S with a 4″ QHD (960×540) screen, 8MP camera and 1GHz dual core CPU with Mali GPU running Gingerbread.

Based on the information we have been provided it will be free on the $49 Freedom Connect cap over 24 months. No information whether it will be available on any of the other carriers at this stage, but we’ll be sure to let you know if we hear anything!


Matt Booth  

  • apsamrit


  • nice price imo, but Gingerbread? good to see they learnt their lesson on releasing phones with outdated software from the X10 0_o

    • You should be lucky that it’s not 1.6.

  • As a squirrel, I find it offensive that we’re considered “secretive” and not “sexy” or “seductive”..

    • Matt Booth

      Depends on the squirrel, this particular one was secretive

  • I thought Sony were rolling out the ICS update already for the Xperia P? Or was that only the Xperia S

  • Leeroy

    The Xperia S runs really well on Gingerbread…just imagine how good it will be on ICS? Why rush the update? If Sony takes longer to release it, but needs to release less updates with bug fixes and ‘maintenance updates’, I’m all for it.

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