Thursday , March 30 2017

Samsung’s new CEO suggests a greater focus on software is needed

Samsung’s newly appointed CEO, Kwon Oh-hyun, has used his first days in the position to make mention of software; a part of Samsung’s mobile experience it can’t quite master:

“A particular focus must be given to serving new customer experience and value by strengthening soft capabilities in software, user experience, design, and solutions”

Will this mean that Samsung will take anew approach to software? No one is really sure for now. But if this leads to major improvements in Samsung’s mobile software for Android (and possibly Bada OS) then it will be a welcome change for many users — because TouchWiz isn’t that great, or great at all. Oh, and Samsung, please don’t call your software design “Nature UX”, it’s tacky.

Source: WSJ, and Engadget.

Buzz Moody  

  • james

    Sound’s like a good thing to me

  • Damon Lewis

    I would take TouchWiz (with a 3rd party launcher) over a nexus any day (come at me!)

    • Matt Booth

      Hide – Trolling

      • Damon Lewis

        Too bad I’m not trolling and being 100% serious. TouchWiz (launcher aside) adds lots of things that I find useful (Google added a few of the Samsung features into ICS as well). Good widgets, much better camera, better lock screen, more video/audio codecs, better calander etc.

  • Matt Booth

    Will this include bringing existing devices up to date? Galaxy tab owners are still waiting. No ics on the 8.9 or 7.7 yet. They release too many devices then just drop support for them immediately

  • yurl

    Their first task is to fix Kies. Its so slow and buggy!

  • No_Underscore

    So you think they should just bite the bullet and rename “nature ux” to cyanogen ux?

  • Gregorian

    Well, like it or not, Samsung is obviously going to brand Android with their own way of doing things. Their world is Touchwiz, and that’s that.

  • vodka4boris

    I can’t find any fault with TouchWiz Nature UX on my S3 – I’d like to know what people think is the problem because it bloody fast, looks great and does pretty much everything you could want. People are just regurgitate tired cliché ideas which never get properly re-evaluated when the new stuff comes out.

    • Paul

      Agree first time using a Samsung device after 17 years with Nokia and I couldn’t be happier. Compared to my partners HTC Desire this UI is amazing

  • Kai

    I would completely agree about previous TW versions, but there are huge leaps forward with the latest version. There are still a few small niggles that are more personal preference than anything, and I do still use another launcher (Apex), but would be ok with using TWLauncher if I had to.

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