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Ausdroid Podcast 035 — With Special Guest: The Melbourne Earthquake — 19/06/2012

It was a relative quiet week but we still managed to pack everything and a little bit more into the hour. Including the Redmond giant’s foray into the Tablet market, and what it means for Android, Samsung of course got some attention with their Galaxy S 3. Android apps were giving a going over and of course our App picks, and yes you heard it people, that Earthquake that hit Melbourne, we got it live.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Scott Plowman, Daniel Tyson, Buzz Moody and Geoff Fieldew.


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2 Comments on "Ausdroid Podcast 035 — With Special Guest: The Melbourne Earthquake — 19/06/2012"

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The Microsoft Surface RT may not be full HD! ->


I find it strange but sweet that one can listen to ausdroid’s podcast through – lol


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