Thursday , July 27 2017

Photographic Proof of Nexus Launch at Google I/O

Ahead of the keynote on Day 1 of Google I/O tomorrow one of the eagle eyed attendees managed to snap this shot showing the Nexus logo on the third floor of the host building. Hardly surprising given the amount of information that has come out via leaks over the last 3 weeks leading up to I/O but it’s still another one of those moments we like to share. Despite the insane hour of the morning that that I/O keynotes are occurring, we’ll do our best to cover everything for you in a timely manner.

Source: Michael Evans.

Phil Tann   Journalist

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3 Comments on "Photographic Proof of Nexus Launch at Google I/O"

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Looking forward to this. Thanks for covering it, guys!

Damon Lewis
Valued Guest
Damon Lewis

All that proves is that Google is going to be promoting ‘Nexus’ and they have 3 Nexus branded phones. The chances are that they will launch the tablet but a photo of the word ‘Nexus’ hardly confirms anything.

Kristian Dowling
Valued Guest

Could be referring to the Nexus tablet?


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